Friday, November 1, 2013

BREAKING NEWS! Tea Party McClintock to be "Primaried"

   We just received word that Representative Tom McClintock, harshly criticized after his vote against

What happened at Calaveras Unified School Board meeting?

 I'm lost! Where are you? Wait! Me first!
     After the ranting that Calaveras Supervisor Darren Spellman did at the Board of

BLM Lifts Fire Restrictions

   A press release issued on November 1, 2013 indicates that the BLM has lifted fire restrictions

Guvernator Schwartzenegger becomes Forest Ranger

  Yes, our former guvernator was invited to stand up in Washington DC with Tidwell, the head of the US Forest Service.

   He was made an unofficial forest ranger and was presented with a badge and stuffed Smokey.

Hot News Alert!! Tom Berryhill getting "Primaried" in 2014

Berryhill may go down in FLAMES!!
   Someone in California is working behind the scenes to try and rid our state of these "tea party"

From the Editor's Desk!

   We feel we need to remind out readers that like most publications, we don't post comments

McClintock is a Carpetbagger?

   Congressman McClintock, a career politician who comes from LA where he couldn't win,  now lives in Elk Grove.

What are those Google barges?

   The four-story barge parked in San Francisco bay has created quite a stir, not only in San Francisco, but nationwide.

  Some say it's a giant party boat, while others say its a secret server station that will be cooled by ocean water. What do you think?

German Catholic Bishop sent to less lavish accomodations

   A German Catholic Bishop, after meeting with Pope Francis last week, has been sent to a very modest monastery for recuperation after being exposed as spending $42 million to remodel his home.

15 year old dies after football concussion and collapse

   A 15 year old Virginia boy who had received a concussion while playing football, but was released by doctors to resume play, collapsed and died on the football field yesterday.

Former NYPD commissioner is out of jail

   After three years behind bars, Bernard Kerik, who fell from prominence as the NYPD commissioner is now out of prison.

   He says that the three years he spent behind bars has changed his mind about federal mandatory sentencing guidelines, and believes the system is broken and intentionally sets inmates up for failure.

Belgium considered allowing children euthenasia

   In Belgium anyone over the age of 18 has the right to euthanasia if they so choose.

   Now they are considering allowing children to also be eligible for euthanasia. No other country has allowed this yet.

Tactical Alert at LAX

   UPDATE:  One TSA agent killed. Portions of LAX still shut down.

Kraft changing Mac and Cheese

   After years of complaints, Kraft has agreed to remove the Yellow Dye from its Mac and Cheese product.

   The new color will come from spices like paprika. The product will also contain more whole grains and less sodium and saturated fat.

Google furious that US government hacked data links

   The NSA spy agency apparently has secretly intercepted user data from the Google internet links around the world.

   The law doesn't require a search warrant in many other countries for spying on internet searches. Google is furious with the government.

Janet Napolitano welcomes undocumented students to UC

   $5million dollars has been pledged to help undocumented students in the UC system, according to Janet Napolitano, the new UC President.

   Napolitano says that they will welcome all qualified student at UC, documented or undocumented.

Power Plants in US cut emissions 10%

   According to a recent study, the global rate of carbon emissions has waned 10% due to shale gas and increased use of hydropower at the power plants.

Los Angeles Jails not Resort like in Calaveras

   While an investigation into reported abuse goes on at the Los Angeles County Jail, past inmates at the Calaveras County Jail state that they are treated well, and that in many cases its like a resort.

   We have heard many comments that say the Calaveras County Sheriff treats the criminals more like customers and friends, than like criminals.