Thursday, November 7, 2013

Smoky skies caused by USFS burning

   UPDATE:  We received information that indeed, the USFS is burning more in the Rim Fire area.

Lamar and Khloe selling their mansion?

   There are a lot of rumors floating around that Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian are calling it quits, and now we hear that their mansion is secretly listed for sale.

   Lamar just celebrated his 34th birthday, minus Khloe.

Who gets "farm subsidies" welfare in Calaveras County?

   What landowners, ranchers, farmers, etc, in Calaveras County, get welfare from the government

Hundreds of Millions of Taxpayer dollars on what?

   Whether its the Federal governments healthcare website or California's unemployment development program or Calaveras County's wasted and trashed computer programs, waste is waste is waste.

   Do we ever see the governments get back the money they threw away on these programs? No! Not at any level. Why? Because it's not their money. It's OURS!

What is Calderon's Diversity PAC?

   Cited in the FBI report of State Senator Ron Calderon is a shadowy Diversity PAC that is alleged to have been used for luxury items such as private jets, luxury hotels, etc.

   Referred to as a "slush fund", it just brings more questions into the goings on of this Democratic Senator.

Protesters outside Twitter Headquarters (oppose Gentrification!)

   Announcing that they were protesting the "gentrification" of San Francisco, protesters were outside of the Twitter

Transformer caused fire in Wilseyville

   CalFire was called to a fire in the 5600 block of Blue Mountain Road in Wilseyville on November 6, 2013 around 9 AM.

   A transformer had started a vegetation fire.  Several units responded and the fire was limited to a 50' x 50' area.

Clear cutting to begin in Stanislaus Rim Fire area

The Rim Fire--a gift for the
logging companies?
  Making a big profit out of the dead trees left standing from the Rim Fire desecration is

Central Sierra Economic Development District meets

   The Central Sierra Economic Development District (CSEDD) meets on Wednesday, November 13, 2013 at 9:30 AM at the Economic Development office at 99 N. Washington Street in Sonora.

   On the agenda is approval of grant applications submitted by staff and a report from Executive Director Larry Cope.

Illinois now allows Same-sex marriage

   Governor Pat Quinn has pledged to sign the bill that will make same sex marriage legal in Illinois. President Obama expressed his pleasure with the heartland state he calls his home.

California Runner in NYC Marathon dies next day

   Joy Johnson, an 86 year old retired gym teacher from San Jose, has run in 25 NYC Marathons.

Abandoned cats everywhere in the US

   Many organizations in every part of the US face the overwhelming numbers of abandoned cats

OP-ED: Shootings prove need for $2 MILLION for Gun Liability Insurance

    UPDATE:  Another shooting in a Detroit barber shop leaves 10 wounded and 3 dead.

Alabama House of Representatives runoff

   The runoff election between the Tea Party candidate Dean Young and the Republican candidate Bradley Byrne ended up with the Tea Party losing by a narrow margin.

   It seems that the Chamber of Commerce turned against the Tea Party candidate and gave their money to Byrne.

Judge denies name change request...

  In Pennsylvania an unemployed computer technician who dresses up as a dog regularly, chases cars and digs holes, appeared before a judge recently.

   He had applied to change his name to "Boomer" the dog.  The judge refused the request, saying it might confuse emergency dispatchers if called.

Twitter IPO explodes at NYSE

   The new Twitter IPO (TWTR) was expected to open for trading around $23 to $26 a share.

Amber Alert 1 month old found unharmed

   November 7, 2013:  CHP reports that the baby who was reportedly taken from a Sunnyvale home, was found unharmed near the Mexican border last night.

Possible motorcycle accident reported

   November 7, 2013 at 7:46 AM:  CHP received information that parts of a motorcycle seemed to be in the roadway at Deardorff and Independence roads in Mokelumne Hill.

   It appears that a motorcycle ran off the roadway. CHP is en route to the area.