Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Calderon rumor machine

    UPDATE:  We just realized Calderon is using Mark Geragos as his attorney.

    With the FBI investigating Calderon and now Calderon accusing the FBI of trying to revenge

LA Dodgers pitcher wins Cy Young Award

   Clayton Kershaw, the left handed pitcher and 16 game winner in 2013, took the CY Young Award for the National League today.

  In the American League Max Scherzer of the Detroit Tigers, the only 20 game winner in the league won the prize.

Veteran donates time to old veterans

   In a cause to "make sure no older veteran dies alone" an army veteran Don Ottomeyer volunteers to spend time with old veterans, who might otherwise die alone.

   He encourages other veterans to do the same, instead of thinking of themselves all the time. Many older veterans have lost their spouses and have no close family to spend time with and die all alone.

Young people not "movers and shakers"

   Due to the weak job market, 20 somethings are less mobile than at any time in the past 50 years.

   Cash-strapped and jobless, youth are refraining from making any major moves, something they really need to do to get ahead.

New Secret Service Embarrassment

   After the prostitution scandal last year rocked the Secret Service, now the agency is dealing with a new embarrassment.

   Now a senior supervisor was removed from the job for trying to retrieve a "bullet" he said he left in a woman's hotel room in Washington DC.  HUH?

Prince Harry takng 200 mile walk to South Pole

   As a charity event, Prince Harry is joining with other soldiers in a 200 mile walk to the South Pole.

   The walk apparently begins this weekend in order to raise awareness and money for wounded warriors.

Elephant Ivory to be crushed in Denver

   A massive stockpile of elephant ivory which is stacked in a warehouse north of Denver is set to be crushed by the US Fish and Wildlife Service today.

  This is part of an escalating effort to stamp out illegal wildlife trafficking around the world.

Florida in the news a lot lately

   The home where Casey Anthony and her daughter Caylee, whose body was found nearby, lived wth their grandparents is in foreclosure, according to authorities in Orlando, Florida.

   The grandmother Cindy Anthony is on record as the mortgage holder.

New Sinkhole taking homes in Florida

  A sinkhole around 70' wide by 53' deep has claimed two homes in the town of Dunedin, Florida, after first swallowing a boat and a swimming pool.

   Apparently the owners were trying to get help from their insurance company for cracks when things started sinking.

Last "I Love Lucy" cast member dies

   Shirley Mitchell, who played Marion in the "I Love Lucy" TV show has died at 94. She was one of the friends who came and played bridge with Lucy and Ethyl.

   Mitchell was the last living member of the "I Love Lucy" cast.

Twin brothers die together in Valley Springs

   UPDATE on November 14, 2013:  Apparently a power outage lasting an hour may have contributed to the boys' deaths. The Sheriff is still investigating.