Thursday, November 21, 2013

Big Rig drags motorcycle on Hwy 99 in Stockton

    UPDATE:  CHP has changed this to a major injury traffic accident.

Bay Area and Silicon Valley Powerful Force

   A big swing has taken place in California; that of the power of money, and thus politics. The most recent is that it may be the current Mayor

Madera County will vote on new Casino

   Madera County will now vote on whether they will get a new Casino near Hwy 99. The number of signatures required was apparently met and it will be on the 2014 ballot.

Hawaii and Illinois join other gay rights states

   In the past week both Hawaii and Illinois governors signed bills giving gays the right to marry in their states.

Speed racer goes 200 MPH and then....

       A man in a land speed racing car was going around 200 MPH on a desert track, when the car suddenly began going out of control and flipped over around 20 times.

   Amazingly, the man survived with minor injuries, considering the horrendous crash.

Letter to the Editor...About "The Fir Tree"

We found this sketch of the hare
jumping over the little fire tree.
Thank you, S.T. for your letter.
  Dear Sierra Sentinel:

   Recently someone told me about a story that had been read to them every Christmas when they were a small child.

Three women rescued after 30 years locked in London house

   Authorities have now said that they have never before seen such "barbaric" examples of forced servitude as the three women rescued  in London.

   One was just 30 years old, meaning that she had never seen the outside of the house at any time and was apparently in deep trauma. A couple in their 60's is now under arrest.

Giant Boeing 747 lands and wrong airport

   After the pilot of a Boeing 747 made his landing at a small airport about 10 miles from the one where he was supposed to land, the pilot can be heard on the radio asking the tower to repeat the name of the airport several times.

   Now the problem is what to do, since the giant cannot take off in the short landing strip at that airport. Embarrassing? Yes!

Wind Advisory for Calaveras County

   November 21, 2013:  Beginning at around 7 PM the Weather Service has issued a wind advisory for Calaveras County, and it is supposed to last until Saturday.

   This morning we have fog Angels Camp and below,  but clear and sunny in Murphys.