Friday, November 22, 2013

Jackie Kennedy refused to change her clothes

  Since color TV was not common in 1963, most of us were not aware at the time that Jackie Kennedy still wore the clothes with her husbands blood on them during the flight back to DC.

  It has been reported that when she refused to change, she said "I want them all to know what they have done to my husband."

Tea Party Supervisor Spellman responds

   November 22, 2013:  We received a reply to our question about whether Supervisor Darren Spellman is running against Steve Kearney in 2014 for Supervisor of District 5, Rancho Calaveras.

And the Kardashian Saga never ends...

   Robert Kardashians wife and stepmother to his children, sue Khloe Kardashian earlier this year for smearing her name and now Khloe is firing back.

Last three pardoned....Who wants to return to Founding Fathers beliefs?

   Today is was announced that the last three boys of nine who were wrongly convicted of raping and killing a white woman in 1931. received pardons...posthumously.

Filibuster rules curbed, not eliminated!

  Yesterday the US Senate voted to curb the use of the filibuster to prevent appointments of judges by the President of the United States. 

   Since President Obama was elected, Republicans have blocked 81 appointments simply by using the filibuster.

Car plunges into icy Minnesota pond

   Emergency workers pulled out five children from a car that plunged into an icy pond in Minnesota yesterday.

   Two of the children were already dead and the other three are in critical condition. Their mother made it out alive.  An investigation is being conducted by authorities.

Silverado Fire 300 acres

   In Napa County CalFire is still battling a fire just off the Silverado Trail that has reached 300 acres. It is now 50% contained.

Death toll in Philippines passes 5000

  The death toll from Typhoon Haiyan is now over 5200 in the Philippine Islands, according to authorities there.  Most are being buried in mass graves.

Is it True? Is Calaveras Tea Party Supervisor Spellman quitting? Head TURKEY?

   We just heard a rumor that Tea Party Supervisor Darren Spellman of District 5 in Rancho Calaveras may have decided to throw in the towel, rather than face what is sure to be a formidable and popular Steve Kearney as opponent. We have asked Spellman and have not yet received a response.

   This would not surprise most, since very few people actually believe Spellman could ever win another term in Calaveras County. Will the current Board of Supervisors make him HEAD TURKEY for 2014? He is vice-chair now! 

Calaveras Sheriff requests $280,000 BPO for food and kitchen supplies

   At the November 26, 2013 Calaveras Supervisors meeting, the Sheriff has requested a Blanket Purchase Order approval to purchase food, kitchen and household supplies to house the California State  AB 109 releases at the County Jail.

  Anything under $50,000 does not need to be approved with the BPO plan approved.

50 Years Ago today America changed

   November 22, 2013:  It was 50 years ago this morning that America changed from the na├»ve 50's to the violent 60's officially, as we saw President John Fitzgerald Kennedy killed on television.

  Like many of you, I remember exactly where I was when the announcement came. Gone was the Camelot type Presidency and with it a lot of people lost the hope they had for the future of our country.

Trees on Hwy 88

   November 22, 2013:  Calaveras County did not suffer so much from the wind last night as did Amador and El Dorado Counties.

   This morning trees are reportedly blocking lanes on Hwy 88 near Silver Lake and at Plasse Rd. Caltrans is responding to the area.