Monday, December 2, 2013

Beatrice (Bea) Miller of Avery

     Beatrice (Bea) Frisk Miller was born January 17, 1921 in Mountain Grove, MO. to Harry E. Frisk and Mary Gosvener Frisk.

  She was the second eldest of eleven brothers and sisters.

Traffic Accident in Railroad Flat

   According to CHP, on December 2, 2013 at approximately 9:10 AM they responded to a single vehicle rollover accident on Railroad Flat Road north of Wharregard Road.

   John Cargile (28) of Wilseyville, was driving a 1997 Landrover had swerved to avoid a deer. The Passenger, Brandy Cargile (32) of Wilsyeville was transported to Mark Twain Hospital with minor injuries.  The driver was uninjured.  Fortunately, the deer escaped without injury. (Yes, the CHP wrote that in the report)

Could Yosemite National Park be made whole again?

    Many today do not even realize that a large part of Yosemite National Park was flooded to create the Hetch Hetchy Dam for San Francisco.

   It happened in 1913

If i go down, I'm taking you with me

   Senator Ron Calderon, a democrat, who's offices were raided by the FBI last summer, is threatening to take several high profile democrats down with him.

Amazon uses drones to deliver?

  Amazing as it seems, Amazon says using GPS tracking, they can deliver package weighing less that 5 pounds with drones within 30 minutes.

   It is now in the testing phase, but after the news announcement this morning, we've heard 5 men say they want a drone for Christmas. Who needs the USPS?

Large Memorial for Paul Walker

  If you are a fan of the "Fast and Furious" TV show, you know the loss of Paul Walker over the weekend will be hard to handle. Police say speed was definitely a factor in the crash.

   Fans have built a large memorial of flowers and notes at the scene of the fiery crash that killed both he and his friend over the weekend.   They had just left a charity event when the crash occurred.

A new doll available for Christmas

   It has been announced that there is a new doll available for Christmas this year. Lady Gaga has introduced a life-size doll with her likeness.

San Joaquin Valley is sinking per USGS

   According to a study by the US Geological Survey, the land is sinking at the rate of nearly a foot a year in some places in the San Joaquin Valley.

   The flow capacity of the Delta-Mendota Canal and the California Aqueduct are affected by damage to this vital water infrastructure.

Bonnie Pliler of Valley Springs

      Bonnie Pliler of Valley Springs passed away on November 29, 2013 in San Andreas. She was 93.

   Born in Stockton on August 17,  1920, Bonnie was the daughter of Wilella  Mayhew  Skinner and Cyril Skinner.

Cover your sensitive plants

   December 2, 2013:  The US Weather Service predicts that we will have a hard frost overnight in Calaveras County for the next few days, so cover any outdoor plants that may be sensitive.

Yoko Ono: Broke up the Beatles?

   Although Yoko Ono has been a musician, songwriter and outspoken peace activist, she is most remembered by Beatles fans as the woman who began the break-up of the Beatles.

  She says its like being accused of murder.

Two dogs on Hwy 88

   December 2, 2013 at 8 AM:  CHP just received a call that there are two dogs running around on Hwy 88 near Climax Rd in Amador County. One is identified as a border collie.

   A unit has been dispatched to the area. Use caution if you are headed that way.