Saturday, December 7, 2013

12-14 inches of snow at 3500'

That's the right photo. December 7, 2013
  Snow at 3500' around 12-14 inches overnight. 

3500' elevation Snow

Ooops! How did these 5 get here? 

Arnold and Murphys Warming Shelters closed

   December 7, 2013 at 11:55 AM:  We were just notified that the warming shelters in Arnold and Murphys are now closed.

   You can still go to the ones in West Point at the Community Center and San Andreas at the Communite Covenant Church on Treat Ave.

Chain required at Murphys on Hwy 4

   UPDATE:  December 7, 2013 at 11:45 AM.  It is snowing again in Ebbetts Pass.

   Those who had to be out during the night say that Caltrans did an excellent job of keeping Hwy 4 in Calaveras County open and fairly clear. We hear the County had a few more problems.

Identical triplets 1 in a million

   It seems that a couple in Sacramento has a set of identical triplets. They had no fertility treatments or took any drugs to conceive.

   They weighed between three and four pounds each. We haven't heard what the sex of the babies is.

Disney "home"

   A California couple has purchased the Chicago house where Walt Disney was born 112 years ago.  They plan to turn it into a historical site and museum.

White out during night in Ebbetts Pass

We receive reports that Hwy 4 had near white-out conditions
during the night and driving was treacherous.

Jen of "Little Couple" now has cancer

   One half of "The Little Couple" TV show has just revealed that she has cancer. They had recently gone out of the country to adopt two children they brought home to raise as their own.

   She is having surgery and chemotherapy treatment. Jen is a doctor herself.

Elderly man released in North Korea

   The elderly man who had been detained by North Korean authorities for war crimes during the Korean war, has been released and sent home to the US.

Original "Born to Run" brings in the bucks

   The original, handwritten draft of the lyrics to Bruce Springsteen's 1975 hit "Born to Run" brought in $197,000 at a Sotheby's auction yesterday.

White Toyota hanging off edge of road

   December 7, 2013 at 9 AM:  A white Toyota Camry is reportedly hanging off the edge of the edge of the road at Hwy 26 and Paloma Rd in Double Springs.

   Fire, CHP and an ambulance are enroute to the scene.

Gee--Think it snowed a little?

December 7, 2013