Tuesday, December 10, 2013

New York Times Editorial Staff -- When Bishops Direct Medical Care

   Beyond new state efforts to restrict women's access to proper reproductive health care, another, if quieter, threat is posed by mergers between secular hospitals and Catholic hospitals operating under religious directives

18 Sheriff Deputies face charges

   Los Angeles has the nations largest jail system. It is plagued by civil rights abuses and complaints of unjustified beatings and detentions.

   18 deputies are at this time facing charges. There are bad cops everywhere. Why? Is it because they tend to hire those who have tendencies towards violence?

Lamar Odom a former NBA player?

   We learned about Lamar Odom's sentence for a DUI charge, which was three years probation and three months alcohol abuse treatment.

  The interesting thing said was that Odom is a "former" NBA player.

Rescuers searching for 6 in Nevada

   A couple took their two children and two others to play in the snow in the mountains of northwestern Nevada over the weekend.

   When they did not return search teams were sent out to search for them. It is in a remote area with temperatures below freezing.

Eleanor Parker dies

   The actress best remembered as the Baroness in the 1965 film "The Sound of Music," died on Monday at 91 in Palm Springs.

   She had received three best actress nominations during her career.

Breaking the Glass Ceiling

      A woman running an auto company is a harder glass ceiling to break than many other businesses, but General Motors has done it.

   Mary Barra was officially named as the new CEO of GM this morning.

Rex needs a Home for Christmas

   Won't someone please adopt Rex. He's waiting in San Andreas at the Animal Services Center at 891 Mountain Ranch Road.

Four-car accident on Hwy 12

   CHP has released a report of the traffic accident that occurred at 10:30 AM on December 10, 2013 on Hwy 12 at Southworth Road in Valley Springs.

   According to CHP, Shirley Holligan (70) of San Andreas,

Cal Fire opens up burning hours

  According to Daniel Berlant at CalFire, open burning is now allowed 24 hours a day. Permits will not be required until May 1, 2014. All other burn rules apply.

   Burning is still banned if windy or if air pollution Control says air is bad. Call 754-6600 for burn days. Also if you own 5 or more acres, you must have a permit from APCD.