Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Why does Calaveras County have the Worst Clerk in History?

  Over the past year and a half, since Supervisor Callaway brought her personal political crony into the position of Board Clerk of Calaveras County, there has been so much trouble.

365,000 signed up for health insurance

   Kathleen Sebelius reports that over 365,000 people have signed up for health care via state and federal exchanges.

   Sebelius has called for a probe into the botched website launch.

Republican staffer put on leave

   After his personal home was searched in connection with a child pornography investigation, Lamar Alexaner's (R) chief of staff was put on administrative leave without pay.

Mega Millions Lottery at $400 million

  Again yesterday, no one won the Mega Millions lottery and on Friday, December 13, 2013 the prize will be worth $400 million.

   It may be Friday the 13th to some, but could be lucky for one person.

Pope Francis wins Cover of Time

   With Edward Snowden running a close 2nd, Pope Francis won the right to be on the cover of Time Magazine as Person of the Year for 2013.

  One of the editors said it was very close between the two of them.

Rock the New Year Tours--Angels Camp Museum

photo by Ben Davidson

  In January of 2014 the Angels Camp Museum is kicking off the year with guided tours.  Tours run from 1-2 PM on Saturday January 4,11,18 and 25 of 2014.

   Called Rock the New Year tours are included with admission to the museum $5 for adults and $2.50 for children.

Traffic Accident near Red Apple

   December 11, 2013:  CHP indicates a vehicle went off the road and through a fence on Hwy 4 at Darby Russell Road near the Red Apple around 9:15 AM.

   A tow truck was not immediately available. CHP is at the scene.


One week after Calaveras Supervisors Brown Act Training--- A Violation!!!

   Hard to believe, but the Chair of the Calaveras Board of Supervisors went over and had approved three items on the agenda December 10, 2013 and NEVER asked for public comment.

Why a fake?

It isn't yet clear why, but it was obvious to most people watching Mandela's memorial yesterday that the person standing near all of the world leaders as they spoke,  was signing strangely.

  Finally, it broke on Twitter that the man was a fake and that the signs he was giving was not of any known sign language.  The question is why?

6 lost in Nevada found alive and well

   The six people who rescuers had been searching for were found in a remote area after two days. Their jeep had overturned and left them on foot in the snow.

   The driver kept the children from frostbite in the 8 degree temperatures by burning a tire and heating rocks that he put with the children to warm them.