Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Day traffic Accident

   According to CHP around 6:25 PM on Christmas Day, December 25, 2013  Robert J. Beck (66) of San Andreas was driving his Mercedes C280 north or Jenny LInd Rd just south of Hwy 26.

Op-Ed....Who is hurt by "Duckie" talk?

  The millionaire, who claims to be a backwoods Bible-thumper, according to his fans, hurts no one.

    Really? Well, now that's not quite true.  When people come out and talk like that publicly, it hurts many and could hurt some physically.

Brown's water tunnels to LA more than double

      New documents just made available show that the $25 billion advertised by Governor Brown as the cost of the water tunnels to LA is actually going to be double that.

   Apparently financing costs along will cause the cost to be at least double $50 billion. The cost in loss of water for Northern California is even more than that.

Senator Ted Gaines leaving District

Lots of Carpetbaggers
   California State Senator Ted Gaines is leaving the district to live in his longtime home in Roseville.

   This raises speculation that he may challenge US Congressman McClintock in 2014 for a seat in the House of Representatives. McClintock doesn't live in the District he supposedly represents.

Calaveras residents losing unemployment..Welfare next?

   According to the Democrats Ways and Means Committee in Sacramento, 259 residents of Calaveras County will lose their unemployment insurance on December 28, 2013.

     In Amador County, 200 lose their benefits because they run out and in Tuolumne County 313 residents will lose their unemployment benefits. Will they go looking for jobs or just go on welfare?

Tea Potty membership Dwindles...

I'm a doggie teapot, short and stout
Tip me over, see what comes out,
 Lots of poop, whenever I bend,
Oops, that's out of the other end!
   Here it is, time for the 2014 election cycle to begin; and where are the foolhardy and kooky tea pottiers?

   We hear that normal people do not want to be associated with the miniscule number of actual tea potty left, especially in Calaveras County.

   If you are a member of the tea potty
and are proud of it, let us know and we will put your name here is large print. We don't expect to hear from many.

49ers in Arizona on Sunday

 The 49ers travel to Arizona to play the Cardinals on Sunday, December 29, 2013.

   The game is at 1:25 PM on FOX.

Rep. McClintock sells us out???

We will never forget what a
careless hunter did to our forest!!!
   In an LA Times editorial yesterday, a few facts we already knew about the Rim Fire and Tom McClintock were reinforced:

  "Making the Rim Fire Worse"

Yusef Lateef passed away

   If you say you don't recognize that name, he was a world famous jazz saxophone and flute player, having won many major awards, including a Grammy.

   He played with Miles Davis and Dizzy Gillespie and had last performed in Paris last June. He was 93 and died at his home in Massachusetts.

21-year old Justin Bieber says he's retiring

  Now don't laugh, but the young rock star Justin Bieber really did tweet to his fans that he is retiring from the business.

UPS and FedEx get bad press? With US Postal Service its business as usual!

   It's hard to believe how much bad press UPS and FedEx are getting this morning after a big storm and larger than usual online shoppers on the final days affected their deliveries.

   Since this is most common for the US Postal Service, no one even mentions it anymore.  I think our family will stay with UPS and FedEx. At least they care!

Good News! New Unemployment Claims Drop!

   But not in Calaveras County! Yes, apparently the number of Americans who needed to file new claims for unemployment benefits dropped last week.

   Decreasing 42,000 with the total seasonally adjusted to 338,000 is good news for the economy. Until we get  better elected officials, nothing will change in Calaveras County, however!