Saturday, December 28, 2013

Breaking News: Big Lottery Winner in Calaveras County

    It was just reported that a $4.4 million dollar lottery ticket was that was sold at Treat's Store in San Andreas has not yet been claimed.

     The store gets $40,000. The winner gets six months to claim their winnings.

Burglary in Arnold

  On December 26, 2013 a burglary on Shannon Way in Arnold was reported to the Calaveras Sheriff.

   A report was taken by the Sheriff but there is no indication of whether there is a suspect.

"Something on my rooftop" to Sheriff

   On December 26, 2013 a caller on Michel Road in Mountain Ranch notified the Sheriff that they could hear something up on their rooftop.

   Since in was the day after Christmas, they assumed it was not Santa. No  report was taken by the Sheriff.

Arrest for Public Intoxication at dentist office

   After a call to the Sheriff on December 26, 2013 one person was arrested for allegedly Public Intoxication at Dr. Motiu's dentist office on St. Charles Street in San Andreas.

   Some probably think its a good idea to have a sip or two before going to the dentist.

"We're gonna need a bigger ship!"

   The ice-breaker ship that was sent to rescue a scientific expedition that was stuck in 10' of ice in Antartica got stuck themselves.

   Reportedly, they radioed that they would need a bigger ice-breaking ship as they could not go any further.

Hit and Run near Ironstone Winery

   UPDATE at 7:05 AM:   CHP tried to locate the driver of the pickup, calling the hospital. Then they reached the father who said he would call when he locates his son, the apparent driver