Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Angels Camp Police keep busy

   UPDATE at Noon:  Chief Fordhall just informed us that the Dodge pickup was recovered after a pursuit involving the Galt Police and CHP.

Cows out in Glencoe

   February 5, 2014 at Noon:  Cows are reportedly out in the road at Hwy 26 and Blackberry in Glencoe. CHP has been notified, since the Big Game Hunter is busy in Copper.

   Although, he has nothing to do right now, he can only chase one cow at a time.

Man arrested after Strange behavior at UMPQUA bank

   UPDATE at 12:18 PM:  Per Chief Fordhall James Harold Njirich (62) of Columbia was arrested  by Angels Camp Police on February 4, 2014 at approximately 4:45 PM for alleged

Calaveras Deputy Sheriff involved in Traffic Accident

   UPDATE:  At 11:01 AM CHP reportedly arrived at the scene. The report was changed to no injuries involved by CHP.

Breaking News: Investigation into Raffle Baskets Stolen

    UPDATE:  Thank you so much, everyone. Accusations are not enough Circumstantial is not enough. We are getting the hard evidence together thanks to everyone involved.

CVS removing all tobacco from stores

  In a surprise move, CVS pharmacies announced this morning that it is removing all cigarettes and other tobacco products from its stores this year.

   It could initially cost revenues they collect from these products, but they expect it will bring in more customers due to their pro-health policy.

Mandela's Will read to squabbling family

  Nobel Laureate Nelson Mandela's will was read on Monday. It leaves the $4.1 million estate split up between his large and fractious family, his staff and the African Congress.

   It is expected that this will create more infighting among family members.

Horror at Sochi games

   As horrified tourists looked on, stray dogs appeared to be suffering from poisoning, having convulsions, etc. and government officials were picking them up in the Olympic Village at Sochi.

   A pest-control firm there said the presence of dogs at the Olympic Games could be "disgrace for the whole country."  It seems more likely that THIS will be a disgrace for the country.

Governor Brown slams GOP Drought Bill--What about Cutting off Edmund G Brown Aquaduct?

   Governor Brown is not happy with the GOP's bill to help farmers in the Central Valley. They want to build more dams, and therefore Brown feels the fish will suffer.

   The Sentinel wants to know why we don't turn off the Edmund G. Brown Aquaduct to SoCal, and use that water for farmers  in the Central Valley. Can't that be done in a drought situation? It continues for flow full of our water.

OP-ED....FOX News gives itself away?

   After the ad following the SuperBowl where America the Beautiful was sung in several languages (which we thought was beautiful), FOX News criticized the ad harshly, calling it un-American and worse.

  In our opinion, this merely affirms our belief, that most everyone feels that the Tea Party FOX News channel people are wonderful, open-minded and welcoming people and not believed to be racist and hateful people, right?

Which state is most religious in US?

   A recent poll was taken to determine which of the US states is the most religious. Mississippi was the most religious.

   The least religious state in the union is Vermont.

Radio Shack closing stores

   The chain store for electronics, Radio Shack, announced yesterday that it plans to close 500 stores in the next few months, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Hoffman videod at supermarket

   Apparently Philip Seymour Hoffman was seen on video tape withdrawing $1200 from an ATM at a market near his NYC apartment.

   Authorities have arrested three they believe were involved in supplying the actor with heroin. Anti-addiction medication was also found at his apartment.

"Little House on the Prairie" actor dies

    The actor who played Nellie Oleson's father Nels on "Little House on the Prairie", died February 3, 2014.

   Richard Bull had played many other roles, but this was the one he is most remembered for. He was 89.

National Guard Fraud could top $50 million

   In an investigation into millions of dollars worth of fraud uncovered in a National Guard recruiting program, recruiters apparently secretly pocketed referral bonuses.

  Now the government feels it may be much worse than originally though, an Army general told a Senate subcommittee yesterday. This is the largest fraud investigation in Army history.

Woody Allen doesn't want quesitons

   Apparently Woody Allen tried to go for his phone and fumbled it coming out of a Knicks game last night.

   A reported tried to ask him questions about his daughter's claims of molestation when she was a child.