Thursday, February 6, 2014

Amador County Planning Commission meets

  The Amador County Planning Commission meets on February 11, 2014 at 7 PM at 810 Court Street in Jackson.

   One the agenda is an application for AT&T to place an 80' monopole on Argonaut Lane at Hwy 49; changing the zoning for a winery on Shenandoah Road and changing zoning from residential to commercial on Martell.

Pedestrian Hit in West Point

  February 6, 2014:   At around 2 PM a pedestrian was was reportedly hit by a pickup on Skull Flat Road in West Point. CHP and an ambulance are en route.

   The road is blocked by the brown Ford pickup and the injured pedestrian at this time.

Tuolumne County Board of Supervisors Planning Committee

On February 13, 2013 at 1:30 PM the Tuolumne County Board of Supervisors Planning Committee meets at 2 South Green Street on the 4th floor in Sonora.

   On their agenda is Consideration of Amendments to the General Plan for Public Facilities and Services Element, the Recreation Element and the Economic Development Element.

Tom Garcia now in Temecula--dangerous place for Girl Scouts

   We learned that our recently resigned Public Works Director, Tom Garcia has taken up the Public Works Director job in Temecula.

   It should be okay, since he's not a Girl Scout. Just a few days ago a man pulled a gun on a Girl Scout who came to his door selling cookies in Temecula.

Black Cow on Hwy 4! Where is the Big Game Hunter?

  February 6, 2014 at 11:45 AM:  We hear that Big Game Hunter Spellwoman is on vacation again, so the CHP has been notified that a black cow is on Hwy 4 near Milton Road.

  Use extra caution if driving through that area.

Chains required on Hwy 4

CHP is requiring chains on all vehicles without 4 wheel drive and snow tires on all four wheels at Arnold on Hwy 4.

  On Hwy 88 in Amador County vehicles are subject to delays of up to 20 minutes as traffic is down to one lane.

   On Hwy 108 in Tuolumne County chains are required at Long Barn.

Sheriff Candidate Pat Garrett (ur...Garrahan) heads to Copperopolis

Wise enough to know NOT
to dye his hair!!
   February 6, 2014:  This morning we hear that Sheriff Candidate Pat Garrahan is headed for
Copperopolis to visit the Copper Square and to have coffee with residents.

   Apparently our mistake of calling him Pat Garrett is part of his life. He tells us that as an officer, he was called Pat Garrett all the time.  Maybe he was meant to be the Sheriff.

Tuolumne Deputy Assaulted by prisoner

   On February 5, 2014 around 9:10 PM an on duty male Tuolumne county Deputy Sheriff was preparing to escort inmate/suspect Juan Valdez from the shower area to his cell

Rain and Snow comes to Calaveras

   February 6. 2014: The rain is falling and snow is coming down around 3500' this morning. We need both in Northern California and the Sierras if we are going to withstand the drought conditions that water officials have warned us of.

   It is supposed to be raining off and on in the foothills throughout the weekend. If you plan to take the kids to play in the snow, don't forget you need chains.

You know, It's a Dog eat Dog World out There!

Good thing I'm not hungry right now!