Thursday, February 13, 2014

Television Pioneer Sid Caesar dies

   Sid Caesar and Imogine Coca, the comedy pair of the 1950's in TV's infancy, were classics; and they performed live (no redos).

   Imogene Coca died in 2001. Yesterday, Sid Caesar died at the age of 91. Sadly, most believe there will never be another like him.

Yankees Derek Jeter announces retirement

   Famous Yankees star Derek Jeter has announced that he will retire after this season. Jeter is a very popular baseball player, staying likeable by the fans his entire career.

Ditsy Water Bird on her way....."Squawwwwk!!!"

"Squawwwk!! I'm on my way to MarVal to squawwwk!!
I'll get elected to something if it kills me!!  I'm NOT a bit
Ditsy!!   SQUAWWWK!!!"

Letter to the Editor: About elections

  Dear Editor:

   I know it seems early, but my husband and I have been trying to meet some of the new candidates running for office this year.

Disturbances reported in Calaveras County

  On February 12, 2014 disturbances were reported in Arnold at the Kwik Serv, at the Bank of America, at Big Trees Market on Hwy 4, all in Arnold.

  No arrests were made.

How many running for Martin's judgeship

   Elections 2014:  It seems that every day a new person pops up who wants to replace retiring judge Martin. Now Grant Barrett, the court commissioner is running, along with the Assistant District Attorney Dana Pfiel.

   Also joining the fray is Tim Healy who is a prosecutor in San Joaquin County but lives here. Should be interesting, with a runoff most likely in June.

Calaveras County's "first hog"

"Oops! It was supposed to be a "dog?"
  California's first dog, "Sutter" gets a lot of publicity and one Republican in Ventura has decided to take advantage of that plus, naming his dog 'first dog of Ventura".

  Then we heard that Calaveras Supervisor Darren Spellman of Rancho Calaveras, District 5 is so hard up and desperate that he is naming one of his "Flying Hogs" first hog of his campaign. Think that will work?

$235,000 cash in unused sick time?

   It seems that when the San Mateo City Manager retired last November, she took a nice sized piggy

bank with her.

   In addition to her base salary of $196,000 in 2013, she took $80,000 in vacation pay and $235,000 cash in unused sick time, a total of around 500 G's. Not bad!! Does out county or city have these kind of perks?

12,000 year old baby boy body discovered

   The body of a baby boy found buried in Montana with artifacts from the Clovis Native American culture, prove that Native Americans go back at least 12,000 years here.

Another Giraffe may be killed

   Another Danish zoo is considering killing one of its male giraffes. The giraffes name is Marius and
the zoo officials say they cannot have two males.

   Why they don't donate it to another zoo is completely unclear. A worldwide criticism was voiced after they shot and feed to the lions an 18 month old male last week.

A White Grey Squirrel?

Albino Squirrels are rare, but do exist
   Just off Hwy 4 this morning, we saw a white flash in a tree near the road. On second look, it was a
pure white grey squirrel. Have any of you seen it?

Cows on road in Mokelumne Hill

   Use extra caution if driving on Independence Rd in Mokelumne Hill this morning. Brown and white cows are reportedly in the roadway.

  Since the Big Game Hunter is probably sleeping in, the CHP was notified.

Comcast buying Time-Warner Cable

   David Faber broke the story last night on CNBC that Comcast is yet again expanding its empire. The last time was to buy NBC.

    Now they have a deal to buy Time-Warner Cable for $45.2 Billion. Time-Warner is the largest cable TV company in New York and Los Angeles.