Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Rumors swirling about Calaveras Sheriff

   Today was an extraordinary day for rumors about the election for Calaveras County Sheriff. While we have not yet officially received a press release, rumors are flying around that the deputies may not have endorsed their own Sheriff for re-election.

   With that at the issues of his weight problem, his health and also accusations of name calling allowed towards women employees at the Sheriff's Office, what is next?

CalFire begins third year of FEES

   As the Sierra Sentinel expected, nothing came of the lawsuit to stop the parcel fee tax on us property owners by CalFire.

Calaveras Sheriff's Office worse than we believed

   UPDATE:  We just emailed the Sheriff's Office asking for a comment on the record about the problem relayed to us about women in his office.  This is very concerning to the Sierra Sentinel, and we will publish his response when we receive it.

CHP arrest two at Mark Twain Hospital

   On February 25, 2014 CHP arrested Katherine Elizabeth Sherman (35) of Rialto at Mark Twain Hospital for alleged Possession of a Controlled Substance, a felony.

Roger Arbour of Sheep Ranch

   Roger Michael Arbour of Sheep Ranch died Thursday, February 20, 2014. He was 71.

   A native of

Goldman Sachs elevator tattle-tale exposed

   No talking in the GS elevators??

   For months the multi-national wealth management group Goldman Sachs had been on edge

Calaveras Supervisor Chair Ponte unfair--no equal time for dissenters

   Calaveras Supervisor Chair Debbie Ponte was showing her liberal bias yesterday for Chris Wright's friends who came in a were allowed to go on and on for at least three minutes each in favor of

$670,000 a year to maintain the Calaveras County Jail?

  UPDATE:  These Supervisors can't stop spending money. They yesterday approved hiring Kitchell to maintain the new jail and Sheriff's Office for $670,000 a year.

CHP releases details of truck-pole accident-Arrest made

   Per CHP on February 25, 2014 at 7:35 AM a 2011 Ford Ranger pickup driven by Joseph Boehm (40) of Gilroy was traveling southbound on Hwy 49 south of Gun Club Road

Rain in Calaveras

   It is going to rain off and on in Calaveras County and most of Northern California today and is likely to continue through Saturday. Snow levels are fairly high at 7000' today.

   Drive extra carefully this morning as the roads will be slick with the first rain. You should probably
put off your hunt for cans of gold coins until the storm is over. (tee hee)