Sunday, March 2, 2014

So now what about Calaveras County's District 3?

   After all the controversy stirred up last week, and the seeming loss of backing for one of the Supervisorial candidates in District 3, we have to wonder about the two remaining in contention.

  Will the current Supervisor win yet another re-election so she can beat Tom Tryons' 28 years in office, or will firefighter Mike Borean come on strong to challenge the incumbent? It's your call, voters!.

OP-ED....Calaveras Supervisors NOW want ideas to SAVE? Corruption? No hope?

   The five current Calaveras Supervisors have had a year together and have known how bad the debt situation is in the county.

Black Angus Calf on Hwy 49

   UPDATE:  CHP is at the scene.

Vehicle rollover in Jenny Lind

    UPDATE:  No one was found in the vehicle. It has been abandoned.