Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Dominic Donofrio of Valley Springs

   Dominic Donofrio, an 15 year resident of Valley Springs, passed away at his home on February 28, 2014. He was 77 years old.

Senator Berryhill's violations sustained by Judge

Tom Berryhill and Ron Calderon

   Judge Lew released a statement today, sustaining the charges against state Senator Tom Berryhill and brother Bill Berryhill and the Stanislaus and San Joaquin Republican Central Committees for their part in an apparent money-laundering

Pat Garrahan Endorsed by Deputy Sheriff's Association

The Calaveras County Deputy Sheriff's Association today announced their endorsement of Pat Garrahan in the race for County Sheriff.

China orders 22 million tons of US grain

   The US Department of Agriculture has released date that China is set to buy a staggering 22 million tons of US grain.

   Many wonder is the US can afford to feed China, especially in light of the drought. Much of the food grown in California's Central Valley, which is plagued with drought, is sent to China and other countries.

Sacramento man tops California's Tax list

   The California State Board of Equalization has released its top 500 Sales and Use Tax Delinquencies for the state.

   Number one on the list is a Sacramento man Richard W.P. Sang, who the BOE says owes nearly $3.9 million in back taxes.

New Study Shows 1 in 4 had mental illness before military

   The US military has had a terrible time trying to figure out why they have such a high suicide and mental problems after serving in the military

Amador County Board of Supervisors meets

   On March 11, 2014 at 8:30 AM the Amador County Board of Supervisors meets in Jackson.

Yosemite's bears like human food

As you can see from this National Park
Service photo, the bears can easily
figure out how to get into most
 containers. As it turns out, the "average
bear" is pretty darn smart, like Yogi!
  Yosemite National Park is home to hundreds of black bears. The tourists flock there, in part, to
photograph these beautiful creatures.

   The Parks problem is that the bears really seem to prefer human food to foraging in the forest and humans who travel to the park don't help the situation.

  Park rangers have now come up with a foolproof way to store the food visitors bring so that the bears can't get into it.

    This season they will begin training the visitors, since they haven't had any luck training the bears not to eat what they like. 

Pregnant woman drives car into ocean

  For unknown reasons a pregnant woman in Florida drove her car into the ocean with her three children inside. She escaped the vehicle, leaving the children inside as the car sank.

   Bystanders went into the ocean and rescued all three children, who apparently told them their mother was trying to kill them.

Ben Bernanke makes BIG BUCKS now!

   Yesterday the ex-Fed Chief gave his first speech since he left his government position. He was in Abu Dhabi for his first appearance

   He was paid $250,000 for the 40 minute speech, according to several unnamed sources. Not bad! That is more than he made in a whole year as Fed Chief.

John Travolta apologizes to singer

  "Adele Dazeem?"  Who is that was what the audience at the Oscars was asking themselves after John Travolta introduced the singer from the movie "Frozen."

   Of course her correct name is Idina Menzel and she came out and performed beautifully despite the poor announcement.  Travolta yesterday publicly apologized to the singer for his flub.