Saturday, March 8, 2014

Info on Art Moore's run for Congress

   The surprise announcement that Art Moore, veteran and longtime resident of Congressional District 4, is challenging the extremely unpopular McClintock

McClintock responsible for More job losses?

  Now that we know that being happy about the Rim Fire giving logging companies more cheap wood, does not bring any good jobs to California, what will Congressman McClintock and his Tea Party friends cause next.

   It's true, California lost 31,000 jobs in February, unlike the rest of the country, which gained 175,000 new jobs.  Is McClintocks' inability to understand how to create real jobs  a great big part of the problem?

Pew Research Poll shows young people less likely to....

   A recent survey by Pew Research shows that young adults are less religious, slower to marry and much less likely to affiliate with a political party.

  Nothing surprising here. Look at the examples they have to look up to and the reasons are perfectly clear. More educated, less judgmental, more inclusive and open to ideas. Those are good things!

Battery on Sonora policeman in Catholic Church

   On March 4, 2014 at around 10 AM a Sonora Police officer responded to St. Patricks Catholic Church on Jackson Street in Sonora for a report of an attempted

Two passengers were NOT on missing jet

   The Boeing 777 with over 200 passengers on board likely had two passengers with stolen passports on the flight from Malaysia to China. The two who had planned to fly had reported their passports stolen.

   Now officials are trying to figure out if there was some type of terrorism involved.

Cat Lover Show in Minske

These adorables are British Shorthairs

  From around the world, cat lovers (and the numbers grow continually) at the World Cat Show in Minske.

   All breeds and their owners have converged on the city in the hopes of seeing their kitty named 1st in Show. As for my kitties, they prefer to stay home and sleep on the bed.

CPAC Entertaining--Raucus--Bitter--Laughable?

   Many adjectives can be used to describe the CPAC Conference in DC this week. Accepting, non-judgmental, and friendly to all would NOT be used here.

    My husband and I are  recovering from being Republicans in an age where the requirements are that you immediately judge others based on YOUR bible, you spread hate around about any other ethnic or racial community other than yours, and you must be a GUN lunatic, caring nothing for the rights of others who fear you!!