Monday, March 10, 2014

Garrahan for Sheriff official

We were just notified that Pat Garrahan has officially filed the paperwork necessary to run for Calaveras County Sheriff.

Joran van der Sloot exradition to US

  Yesterday, Peruvian authorities agreed to extradite Joran van der Sloot, suspect in the Natalie Holloway murder in Aruba in 2005, to the US.

   Of course, that won't happen for 26 more years, when his sentence is complete for the murder he committed in Peru.

French Roadster sells for over top estimate

   At the Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance last weekend this rare 1937 French Roadster sold for $6.6 million, well above the high end estimate.

   The owner of the car died last summer and his widow sold it. The amount was a record for the event. It shows that the wealthy are willing to pay for what they want. regardless of price.

Do you support Callaway's Pot Store in Arnold?

   There may be a rebuke from retired folks in Arnold after they learned that Supervisor of District 3 Merita Callaway personally endorsed the Pot Store in Arnold.

   It has been open and operating for months without any license or proper permits.  Pot-heads support Callaway! Do seniors?

Tim Donnelly for governor double-take

    Are you or are you NOT a politician: Make up your mind now.

So, You think our Calaveras employees take home a lot?

   In San Franscisco, mostly because of overtime in the Fire Department, it has been reported that 700 workers took home over $200,000 last year. Whew!

   Now we know why they are throwing the low income people out to bring in high-tech renters. The extra sales tax they spend will really help pay their bills.


Angels Police release Information on Officer and K9

      According to a press release on March 10, 2014 Angels Camp Police Department Sergeant Steve Poortinga was the officer involved in the vehicle accident on arch 9, 2014 on Hwy 4 near Vallecito

Meet & Greet Mike Borean of District 3

Motorcycle Accident on Murphys Grade Road

  On March 7, 2014 Nicholas Lujan (21) of Angels Camp was driving a 2006 Suzuki motorcycle on Murphys Grade Rd westbound

CHP report of Angels Camp officer accident

   According to a CHP report on March 9, 2014 at approximately 3:14 AM, Angels Camp Police Officer Steven Poortinga (36) of Angels Camp was

Car hits tree in West Point

   March 10, 2014:  At little after 10 AM CHP was called to Hwy 26 and Higdon Road in West Point where a vehicle had hit a tree.

   An ambulance was dispatched for injuries. Both lanes were blocked as emergency personnel arrived.  It should be clear by 11:15 AM.

Rancho Calaveras (District 5) in a Quagmire? Divided?

   The 2014 District 5 (Rancho Calaveras) Supervisorial race could become a divided world, just like the Republican Party is nationwide.

Steve Kearney attending St. Patricks Day Dinner

   District 5 (Rancho Calaveras) Supervisorial candidate will be attending the St. Patricks Day Dinner sponsored by the West Calaveras Rotary Club on Friday.

   That is March 14, 2014 and will be held at the Jenny Lind Firehouse. It starts at 6 PM and goes until 10 PM and costs $20 a ticket.

How much would you pay to see the Rolling Stones?

   The Rolling Stones, the Eagles and Fleetwood Mac commanded the highest ticket prices for their concerts in 2013.     Fans paid anywhere from $241 to $624 per ticket to their concerts. 

   The highest young entertainers were Justin Timberlake and One Direction who brought in from $241 to $461 per seat.

"Whooo loves you baby?"

"Oh, bother!"

Two great political quotes "CRUSH" and "MORON"

  Over the weekend and early this morning, politics heated up. For example, Republican Mitch McConnell made the statement that it was time to "CRUSH" the Tea Party extremists.