Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Even NY Times notices Congressman in trouble

   Good old California is a long way from New York, but with the top two primary in California, everyone is interested in one particular race. The New York Times is reporting it.

   The LOOONNNG time Congressman who has represented Calaveras County and the surrounding area for a long time but has NEVER lived here, is in BIG trouble.  Art Moore, a veteran and Bronze Star recipient is the most popular candidate right now in most informal polls we've taken.

Gorgeous Crabapple tree

All fruit trees are pretty when they flower,
but the crabapple is absolutely gorgeous.

Did you know about John Bohner smoking?

   Last week we heard that John Bohner was not allowed in one Senate members office and that if they met it had to be in Bohner's office.

   When asked why, he stated that Bohner has a serious nicotine addiction and smoking problem and he won't allow it in his office. Whoa!

Letter to the Editor: About election

   Dear Editor:

   My family recently moved here from the Bay Area, like so many others. I really like the and agree

Borean for Calaveras District 3 Supervisor

One, two, three....

four and 5! Yep, they're all here
in Calaveras!

ACPD arrest two on Hwy 4

   On April 20, 2014 Gina Lauren Betterncourt, (21) of Stockton was arrested just outside Angels Camp at Hwy 4

Art Moore for Congress. For a local Representative!!

CHP just clearing Hwy 99 big rig crash

     April 23, 2014 at 9:15 AM:  The road is just now being cleared at Hwy 99 and Hwy 120 where a big rig overturned around 7:15 AM.

   No injuries were reported in the accident.


Frog Jump goes to California State Capitol

   The annual Sacramento State Capitol Frog Jump will take place on April 30, 2014 on the East
Lawn of the Capitol building around 11:30 AM.

   The lawmakers at the California Capitol will vie for both trophies and bragging rights.

East Bay MUD buys $8 million worth of water

  Due to the drought conditions, the East Bay Municipal Utility District which supplies water for 1.3 million customers in the Bay Area, we just learned has bought $8 million worth of water from the Sacramento River. This could result in a surcharge for their customers.

  This purchase will give them approximately 16,000 acre feet more water, which is good for about one month. EBMUD owns Pardee Reservoir and says they are paying for this from monies received from a sale of property in Castro Valley.

Kiddie Parade Signup Time

  The Frog Jump is May 15-18, 2014 and so it is time to sign up for the Kiddie Parade, which will be
handled by the Soroptomists in downtown Angels.

   Applications are at the Frogtown main office or you can call Karen Varni at 304-1188 or Karen Strand at 404-1074 for more info.

Kate and Alley need a Forever Home

Kate and Alley are waiting for you at the Calaveras
Animal Services in San Andreas