Saturday, April 26, 2014

Robin Williams Estate for Sale

   A 650 acre estate in the Napa Valley owned by Robin Williams is officially on the market. For a mere $29 million you can own the Villa of Smiles.

Louise Giannini Spence - Calaveras County Native

    Louise Giannini Spence, a lifelong resident of Calaveras County, died quietly at home on April 24, 2014.

Arrests made in Calaveras County

   April 26, 2014:  CHP arrested a person at Hwy 12 and Double Springs Rd on April 25, 2014 and a disturbance in the Black Bart parking lot in San Andreas resulted in an arrest, according to Sheriff logs.

   No other details on these arrests are known at this time.

Sheriff takes report at gun store

    April 25, 2014:  The Calaveras Sheriff was called and took a report on a Suspicious Person call from a gun store in the Valley Springs area.

   No other details are available at this time.

Letter to the Editor: From Pot to Porn?

   Dear Editor:

     I shouldn't be surprised that not only did Callaway, District 3 Supervisor promote and allow her pot store to remain open without any permits, she openly welcomed them into her little family.

   So what now, Ms. Callaway. We hear that a Porn shop is next on your list of improvements to Ebbetts Pass.  We can hardly wait.  From the pot store to the porn store and home again.

     Ed in Ebbetts Pass, You remember ME?

Chains required on Hwy 4

   April 26, 2014:   Due to the low snow last night, chains are required this morning at Camp Connell on Hwy 4. Use extra caution as the roads are slippery.

  The lower elevations of the county got thunderstorms with a pounding rain. We need whatever we can get, though.

From "OUR HERO" to oops, uh, well......."Cliven who?"

   Cliven Bundy seems to have been discarded by FOX and other Tea Party types after he made public his disdain for people of color on tape.

   Sean Hannity of FOX and others had declared Mr. Bundy a "hero" and were promoting him daily. Many Tea Party "patriots?" are still behind him. (shhhh--you weren't supposed to admit who you really are on tape, Cliven ol' buddy, ol' pal!)

50 Days and No Sign of Flight 370

   After 50 days of searching and 95% of the first search area covered by the Bluefin, not one piece of debris or wreckage, nor sign of the Malaysian plane that disappeared has been found.

   The say that now they will move the search north and continue looking at the bottom of the ocean.

USFS wants more input?

   The April 30, 2014 Sierra Cascades Dialog Session has not received as many registrants as they would like, so they are extending the registration to include this Monday, April 28, 2014.

   This session is to explore the range of public views on desired conditions for the Sierra Nevada National Forests and will be held at the Lions Gate Hotel in North Highlands. Call Deb at 760-873-2427 for information.

Drop the Drugs in Angels Camp

   The Angels Camp Police Department is conducting a "Drop the Drugs" day at the Office of Education in Angels Camp today, April 26, 2014.

  From 10 AM to 2 PM you may clean out and dump your old unused, expired or illegal drugs with no questions asked.

Burn Permits Required

   CalFire has just issued a press release indicating that as of Thursday, May 1, 2014 the Tuolumne-Calaveras Unit of the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CalFire) will require burn permits for any outdoor burning within the State Responsibility Areas (the $150 you pay per home) of Tuolumne County, Calaveras County, Eastern Stanislaus County and Eastern San Joaquin County.

   Due to the exceptionally dry conditions, burning will be limited to the hours between 7 PM and 8 AM.  The usual rules apply as to size of piles and safety.