Sunday, May 4, 2014

New phrase to Tea Party-- "Humiliate them!"

Art Moore, Republican with
good sense for Congress,
a Representative who cares
about US!!!
   After Mitch McConnell very strongly suggested that the Republican Party needed to "crush" the Tea Party a few months ago, money stopped flowing to many of the Tea Party candidates. They have brought shame on the entire party and have to be stopped!

   Now we see that the US Chamber of Commerce and other large Corporations are saying that to
clean up the Republican Party, they feel they have to "humiliate" the Tea Party.  All we can say is "It's about TIME!"  Supporting Art Moore for Congress is one way to help with this clean up!

Angels Camp City Audit Questionable?

Although we can see that the 2012-2013 audit for the City of Angels Camp may show improvement over some in the past, how can giant sums of money be transferred without Council approval.

   And why is millions invested again in financial institutions, even above what is covered by FDIC? Also, how can the City Manager decide NOT to pay back the $100,000 plus a year loan payment and pay interest only without the Council's approval?  Something smells and it isn't in Denmark!!

Angles Camp Councilman Lynch gives up the Goat.... Lady

   After insisting for month and trying to cajole other councilmembers into paying the Goat Lady $20,000 of our tax money, he gave up and went along with the other members on April 15, 2014 to bring in cattle with a mixture of goats. The City Staff also finally realized the error of their ways.

   This not only saves the City taxpayer $20,000 a year, but brings in revenue of around $4000 a year. It seemed that Mr. Lynch had promised the Goat Lady the money because she went without city money for a couple of years.  The thanks goes to Stuart Raggio, who loudly complained at the previous meeting. Thanks again, Stuart.

Tom Berryhill to face Eithics Charges?

   Apparently the Secretary of State candidate is asking the Ethics Committee to investigate and report on the ethics violation of State Senator Tom Berryhill, Republican who was found to be laundering money to his brother.

   We wondered why no one seemed to care about this, when other elected officials in Sacramento have been expunged for violations.  We'll let you know what they decide. Meanwhile, he is still running for re-election.  Do voters care about ethics?

"Spiderman 2" has big opening

   The weekend box office was overtaken by "Spiderman 2" which brought in $92 million for its opening..

Hungry Hummers....

Calaveras Sheriff Debate May 5, 2014

   The 2014 election for Calaveras Sheriff is important for the good of our county. On May 5, 2014, Monday night, Pat Garrahan and Gary Kuntz will meet at the Rancho Calaveras Clubhouse at 6:30 PM.

   It will most likely be highly attended, as many issues have arisen in the past few months concerning the residents of the entire county.  Will the current Sheriff show up? We believe he had better.