Thursday, May 15, 2014

Fire at Camp Pendleton, many others in San Diego County

  May 15, 2014:  The fire at Camp Pendleton, which started at Naval Weapons Station Fallbrook around 9:45 AM on May 14, 2014, moved directly onto Camp Pendleton.

   At our last check it had burned over 6000 acres and is only 20% contained. Much of the area is without power as 40 power lines were destroyed. All the fires are now being investigated for arson.

   Named the Tomahawk Fire, this is reading like a serial murder case, the Poinsettia Fire, the Highway Fire and on and on; all within San Diego County. Setting fires is tantamount to murder and arsonists should be put away forever.

San Diego County burning--What prison is the Rim Fire starter in?

We can't ever forget that
a HUNTER started
the Rim Fire!!!
   San Diego County feels the way the Mother Lode felt during the Rim Fire. To local residents who can see and smell the smoke,

City of Angels Camp in DROUGHT?

   On Tuesday May 20, 2014 at 6 PM the Angels Camp City Council meets at the Firehouse downtown.   Why is it the City can't seem to figure out what's really going on?

   On the agenda is forcing a 20% cutback in water usage by Angels Camp residents. This wouldn't be such a big deal, since California is definitely in a drought situation,
but they just had their UPA water allotment increased from 1600 acre-feet annually to 3600 acre-feet annually.  Something is definitely screwy about this deal!!

OP-ED!! Who is the Worst Dirty Cop in Calaveras County?

   We became shocked while investigating dirty cops who live in Calaveras County. How many are there? Did they move here from somewhere else or have they lived here a long time? Are most of them also racist? Do they all display violent behavior and have volatile tempers?

   Do they violate other laws and disrespect authority and other citizens, especially women, as part of their everyday lives? Are some of them still employed by a law enforcement agency?  Does one dirty cop always support other dirty cops?   Wait til you hear the story we uncovered.

Calaveras Community Band playing Memorial Day

   On Monday, May 28, 2014 at 10 AM, the Calaveras Community Band, conducted by Mic Harper will play for the dedication of the new expansion to the Ebbetts Pass Veterans Memorial,