Monday, May 19, 2014

Music in the Parks begins soon

   Free Music in the Parks begins on June 11, 2014 at the Copper Town Square with Snap Jackson & the Knock on Wood Players.


Traffic Accident on Hwy 49

   On May 15, 2014 around 10:40 PM Kimberley D. Rainier (46) of Mountain Ranch was driving a 2001 Honda CRV while impaired, according to a CHP report, on Hwy 49 south

Usher could win 'The Voice" with Josh Kaufman

   Last year Usher came close to winning "The Voice", but this year he has Josh Kaufman on his team.

   Adam let him go and Usher grabbed him and he is now in the finals.  Could this be the year that Usher takes the victory? Kaufman does seem like the singer to beat this season.

Motorcycle Accident on Hwy 26

  According to a CHP report, on May 14, 2014 at 8:20 AM James Robert Coit (48) of Mokelumne Hill was driving his 2005 Harley Davidson Sportster on Hwy 26 south of Montgomery Drive at a speed of 35 MPH.

   Coit stated that he accelerated abruptly as he traveled up the hill and the rear wheel of the motorcycle began to skid.

   Coit lost control of the motorcycle and it skidded off the roadway to the north. The front wheel and right side of the motorcycle collided with the rock embankment north of the roadway edge and the impact caused Coit to be ejected off the motorcycle.

   Both Coit and the motorcycle tumbled separately down the roadway and came to rest withing the westbound lane of Hwy 26.

   Coit was life-flighted to Doctors Modesto Hospital for treatment of major injuries.


Package shrinkage NOT your imagination?

   In case you think it might be your imagination that some of the most trusted brands of grocery store products are getting smaller, it is NOT your imagination.

   In fact, NBC did a study and has stated that although package sizes are shrinking, the prices for most of these products are NOT shrinking at all.

Fatal motorcycle accident

   According to CHP, on May 18, 2014 around 6:10 PM officers were dispatched to a traffic collision along with an ambulance.

Governor Brown blames fires on Climate change, not ARSONISTS!!

   Shockingly, Governor Jerry Brown has made the statement public that the recent California fires are due to Climate Change.

   We beg to differ with the Governor. Seems most of us believe they were caused by ARSONISTS!!!

AT&T buying Direct TV

  It was reported this morning on Squawk Box that AT&T is buying Direct TV for $95 per share for an estimated price of around $49 billion.

  This is most likely due to the big profits in the NFL contracts and advertising, say some analysts. Comcast is buying TimeWarner.

Local boy Wins 2014 Frog Jump

   The winner of the World's Champion Jumping Frog Championship is

"Godzilla: big box office winner

   The weekend box office winner was "Godzilla" which took in $93 million. "Neighbors" was pushed to number 2.

Why McClintock insults Veterans...

Art Moore, Veteran and
Bronze Star Recipient
   Congressman McClintock has made a monumental mistake in alienating veterans in this election. His insults are a direct result of his NEVER having served and his