Sunday, May 25, 2014

Statement of Chris Martinez' father: Heartbreaking and TRUE!!

   An attorney for Peter Rodgers, a filmmaker, made public that they believe the shooter who killed 6 young people in Santa Barbara near the college, was his son Elliot.

   In an statement prepared by Richard Martinez, he read: (grab a Kleenex if you have any feelings at all)

Not ready for summertime!!

Oh, no! Not summer already!!

Calaveras Supervisor candidate Olivera plans 6 more gun ranges?

   We had one source tell us that he believes from rumors he has heard that Michael Oliveras, once elected to District 3 Supervisor, plans to force the US Forest Service to build 4 more illegal shooting

Fatal Accident on Jack Tone Road

   May 25, 2014 at 4:51 PM:  CHP is still at the scene of a fatal accident that occurred around 1:25 PM at Mariposa and Jack Tone Road in Stockton.

   A black pickup hit a tree at that location. An evidence tow truck was dispatched and an ambulance was sent to the scene, but the victim did not survive.  Witnesses said the truck just drifted off the roadway, hit the tree and overturned.

Calaveras Sheriff forcing PTSD testing?

  Supervisor Cliff Edson announced at the last Calaveras Board of Supervisors meeting (after deep prayer), that he had met with the Sheriff's Office and plans are being made to make changes to their arrest of veterans.

   Edson stated that the Sheriff's Office apparently plans to force veterans who are arrested to undergo a test for PTSD in order to get them into treatment.  Apparently there are many veterans out there who need treatment, but have previously refused.  We are not sure how this would work or if it is legal. Will VETERANS like this idea????

The friends of Noah's Ark

   These three are family.  They have been together since discovered in the basement of a drug dealer and were taken to the Noah's Ark Sanctuary 13 years ago.. Too bad humans don't have that bond!!

   This black bear of North American, the Lion of Africa and the Tiger of Asia get along and seek each other out for comfort at their home in Locust Grove, Georgia.  All many humans can think of is killing these wonderful creatures..

   They are called the BLT. Lions and Tigers and Bears, OH MY!!

What happened to "Bribes" Calaveras Supervisor Spellman bragged about?

  As you all know, Supervisor Spellman has said some pretty strange things during the past 3 1/2 years representing District 5 Rancho.

   One that we asked Calaveras County Counsel about was the loud bragging claim that he had been offered thousands of dollars from someone in the audience. County Counsel Janis Elliot stated to us that NO ONE had reported anything like that to her, not even Darren Spellman.

Calaveras Candidate Oliveria and Don Johnson have ONE thing in common?

     And it ain't their good looks! It seems that if you like the type, we are told that Calaveras Supervisorial Candidate Oliverrie (known better as MR. Mustache) may be the right man to represent you.

   We have been told that his life has been very similar to actor Don Johnson in one way; Johnson has been married 5 times. At least Don Johnson doesn't have an ugly-looking mustache!

Alaska Fire Burns 100,000 acres

   Not getting as much attention this week is a fire near Soldotna, Alaska, which has not been contained at this point.

  Over 100,000 acres have burned so far.

Jets going to SuperBowl?

   Michael Vick, QB for the New York Jets has announced that he can take the team to the SuperBowl.

   The owners will be watching, we're sure.

Lake Tulloch Squatter or Trespasser?

   It seems that once it was established that the land in question was the responsibility of the Bureau of Reclamation, (which took some time),  that Shawn Wade, Acting Chief Park Ranger of the Bureau at Melones sent an email to several county officials, including Ponte

Kim and Kanye got married!

  We know you are just dying to hear this! Yes, its true! Kim Kardashian and Kanye West got married in Italy this weekend, with all of the family in attendance.

   Some of the dresses worn by Kardashian were questionable, to say the least, especially the white one. Nothing unusual for this family, though.