Sunday, June 15, 2014

Calaveras Sheriff Kuntz wants to run a Dynasty

  There is a reason why Sheriff Kuntz was willing to pull out all the stops, including pressuring unions and Democrats, to re-elect  him. $500,000 for this; another $200,000 for that. And with an already overwhelming $8 million debt!

   Why? Well, to run the new Calaveras County Jail, that's why. The new jail, which must be occupied by his prisoners by June 26, 2014, is costing us, the taxpayers a small fortune. Many feel that perhaps Mr. Wilensky and his union buddies, who pulled this election out of the hat for Kuntz, should be the ones to pony up the money.

Fire in Sequoia National Forest

   June 15, 2014:  Named the Shirley Fire,  at 810 acres and 5% containment has caused the evacuations of Wofford Heights, a community that can see the flames from their homes.

   Smoke is also an issue in the area, and the Kern County Sheriff's department recommends others in the area around the fire also evacuate.

Have a great day, Dads....