Tuesday, July 15, 2014

USGS releases maps of Mars

Global geographic maps of Mars! New!

Tea Potty Carpetbagger McClintock will do anything? NPS says NO!

   UPDATE:  Just after Tea Potty Carpetbagger McClintock tried to change the name of part of Yosemite to the wife of a politicians, the National Park Service stated "THEY OBJECT"!

Alarms go off at new Jail and Arnold Substation

  Alarms went off at the new Jail in San Andreas and at the Arnold Sheriff Substation yesterday. Mr. Mustache must have forgotten his key. Or are the "gun thugs"  holding it for him?

OP ED.....Wild and Scenic River designation

  by Vickie Reinke of Angels Camp

   Keep the Mokelumne River from State control

   The Democrats and environmental groups are on their way to designating 37 miles

Sheriff Kuntz hair appointment tonite?

   An alarm went off at a beauty parlor in Valley Springs early morning on July 14, 2014.  We are told that Sheriff Kuntz was reminded that his hair dye appointment isn't until 7:30 PM..

What is next, you ask?

Why this, of course!

Robert Lynn Stoker of Valley Springs

   Robert Lynn Stoker was born on December 16, 1941 in Hollywood and passed away on July 12, 2014 in San Andreas.

CNBC's Santelli rants again

  If you recall, it was 2007 and Rick Santelli began ranting against the bailouts and some say started the Tea Party movement, which has since evolved into other political showdowns.

   Santelli and Steve Liesman are often at odds over most issues. Yesterday, they got into it over a decision the Fed had made and Santelli got so hot he left the shot, coming back in just in time to hear Liesman tell him none of his advice has helped anyone and that he is wrong again.

Fire in Butte County

   July 15, 2014:  The wildlife area is closed to the public due to a 70 acre blaze that was reported on July 14, 2014 near Oroville.

   CalFire reports the Wildlife Fire is 60% contained at this time.

"Archie" takes the bullet for a friend?

   The long loved comic strip "Archie" is apparently ending its run. Archie Andrews is supposedly taking a bullet for his gay friend Kevin and dies.

   It isn't clear why the comic is ending, but they say they wanted to go out with a message.

Tuckered out bear...

This bear at Denali National Park in
Alaska is all tuckered out from salmon fishing.

Bully Fire grows in Shasta County

  July 15, 2014 at 8 AM:  As of this morning, the Bully Fire in Shasta County is 6400 acres and only 20% contained.

   Mandatory evacuations are in effect in the area. Shasta County Animal Services is assisting with animal evacuation.