Friday, July 18, 2014

What do Mark Meckler, Kim Pruett and Tom McClintock Have in Common?

Why, of course, they use the same Tea Potty!!! If you see any candidate who receives money from "Americans for Good Government", you will know who to run away from, and fast!

Six State California opposition charges FRAUD!

   Now, who do you suppose would be in opposition to the 6 state initiative which is scheduled to appear in the 2016 ballot? 

Calaveras Right Wing Extremist Supervisors pay Hwy 12/26 Right-of-way

   The Calaveras Right Wings Extremist Supervisors have on their agenda for July 22, 2014 the approval of monies to be paid to two owners of property on either side of the Hwy 12/26 intersection improvement.

  According to the public record contracts, BLF Investment, LLC or LaQuita DeMarco who

Explosions, gunfire reports ignored?

   We see repeatedly in Calaveras County, that residents who report gunfire or explosions of any type near their homes are ignored by the Calaveras County Sheriff.

   Many of these are written off apparently by the Sheriff as being FIREWORKS (NO BIG DEAL, right?) No reports were taken on those reported on July 17, 2014 that we could see.

Neighbors from Hell are everywhere!

  On July 17, 2014 residents on S Petersburg Rd and S. Ranchero Rd in Valley Springs reported that neighbors have attempted to run she and her 13 year old daughter off the road with their vehicle, they try to sic their pit bull on them as she walks by and they call her names.

   This is apparently an ongoing issue. Despite their plea for contact from a Deputy, typical for the Calaveras Sheriff, they took NO report. Neighbors from Hell seem to be everywhere, and good luck getting THIS Sheriff to do anything about it.

Bradley Manning now Chelsea Manning

U-tube photos
  The soldier convicted of espionage and given a 25 year sentence, says he's a female and has changed his name to Chelsea.

   Bradley Manning has requested treatment  to become a woman and the military must decide whether to transfer him or treat him in the prison where he presently is serving his / her term.

Opinion Editorial.....About tossing your hat into the ring

       by Mark Belden

   Being a candidate for any elective office can be overwhelming, confusing and many times not worth the effort.

At least one American in Malaysion crash

  The President just announced that they are opening an investigation into the crash of the Malaysian jetliner crash in the Ukraine yesterday.

   He reported that at least one passenger was an American citizen aboard the jet that is believed to have been shot down, killing everyone.

This Pelican has his mouth full

US Fish and Wildlife Service Photo
   Amazing how a pelican can eat a big fish like this. Located at Bear River in Utah.

Bully Fire in Shasta County

  Cal Fire reports that as of 7:45 AM on July 18, 2014 the Bully Fire is 11,700 acres but containment is now at 51%.

  Some areas previously evacuated have been allowed to return to their homes.

The Tuolumne County District Attorney: Rim Fire suspect

  UPDATE:  After calling the number below and typing in Mr. Rooney's last name, we received a message that Mr. Rooney is out of the office until July 21, 2014.