Monday, July 21, 2014

Missing Camper in Ebbetts Pass

   UPDATE:  Missing camper was located.

HR 1192--Tea Potty McClintocks screw-up bill put in Committee by Senate

   The Bill HR 1192, which Tea Potty Tom McClintock mistakenly believed was a popular idea (for what reason, no one is sure) was sent to the Senate.

   In the Senate it was read twice and then referred to COMMITTEE. And we all know what that means.

Calaveras Board of Right Wing Extremist Christian-ONLY Supervisors meets

     On Tuesday July 22, 2014 at 9 AM the Calaveras Board of Right Wing Extremist Christian ONLY Supervisors meets. This group is led by Pontiff Ponte

Life, liberty and property safe -- Legislature on month vacation

   It was Mark Twain who said " No man's life, liberty or property are safe while the Legislature is in session."

    Therefore, he must be the reason the State Legislature is taking another month off for summer vacation.

Vehicle injures deer at Forest Meadows and Hwy 4

  July 21, 2014 at 2:45 PM:  CHP is at the scene of a traffic accident where a vehicle hit and injured a deer at Hwy 4 and Forest Meadows.

   If you get deer warning whistles you have a better chance of NOT hitting a deer. For around $10 its worth every cent and they stick on your bumper easily.


Fire in Washington state

This is the worst fire in
Washington state's history
   The big Carlton Complex Fire in the Methow Valley in Washington state is only 2% contained today.

FIre in Shasta County

   As of July 21, 2014 the Bully Fire is at 12,661 acres but is now 81% contained. Twenty structures have been destroyed.

   All evacuations and road closures have been lifted.

Noise Complaint in Camp Connell

  The Calaveras Sheriff received a report of noise at around 11:30 PM on July 20, 2014 in Camp Connell at Hokan Circle and Meko Drive. No report was taken by the Sheriff.

Blue Crab caught near Russia

   A Japanese seafood company has caught a blue crab in Russian waters.  The crab is being kept on display instead of being sold.

Illegal shooting in Arnold

   On July 20, 2014 it was reported that shooting occurred at Cedar Center in Arnold. No report was taken by the Sheriff.

Criminals will want to sign this initiative, BUT NOT HONEST PEOPLE!!!

   The Secretary of State's Office has just released  a new initiative 1645 now available for signatures. We are sure all the criminals will be signing up for this one. It affects drug crimes and thefts.

    William Lansdowne and George Gascon must collect 504,760 signatures to be eligible for the 2016 ballot.   It reduces punishments of crimes of theft to misdemeanors Receiving Stolen Property, forging or writing bad checks with totals valued under $950 to not be charged with Felonies, only Misdemeanors.

   Any of us who have been stolen from will NOT be signing this, just so they can get out quick and steal again. Also, it has nothing to raise to felony level of REPEAT OFFENDERS!!

Final budget report approval on Calaveras Jail Project

   On July 22, 2014 at their 9 AM meeting, the Calaveras extremist right wing religion Board of Supervisors has on their agenda the final approval of budget for the new Jail and Sheriff's Office building.

     The final cost of the Jail Project:  $59,220,395

     The final contract cost for Flintco : $44,359,824

    A final change order for PSA Dewbury:  $125,789

     A final change order for Kitchell: $376,200

     A final change order for Construction Testing Services:  $372.75

    And accepting the final report on the project. But is there a place for the Supervisors to go pray?

AutoZone appeals denial of Planning Commission

  Katz Kirkpatrick Properties is appealing on behalf of Auto Zone to the Calaveras Board of Supervisors the denial of the Planning Commission for their Valley Springs project. It is on Tuesday July 22, 2014 at 9 AM.

   The Planning Commission lists several issues as problems with the plan, including traffic congestion in the Valley Springs area. And they are saying that the previous project was never recorded.

   No one seems to be sure in this Board of right-wing extremist Supervisors and especially Pontiff Ponte, Pastor Edsel and Altar Boy Spellman can get their heads out of their "religious extremist policies" to handle any type of business. We'll see!

Elevate the Calaveras Board Clerk to Podium, Elevate Pay, and Elevate FEES?

   In order to try and offset the cost of Elevating the Calaveras Board Clerk to the Podium as if she was a Supervisor or Department Head, giving the Board Clerk a big raise, the Board of Super-Extremist right wing Supervisors plans to charge you if you DARE to appeal to their Tax Assessment Appeals Board.

   This is to try and discourage those who are NOT wealthy NOT to try and appeal their tax assessment. Is this just to pay the Board Clerk an unhealthy amount of money? Or is this to be donated to their favorite anti-woman's rights churches? This is on July 22, 2014's  9AM agenda.

Fish and Wildlife to issue permits for wind turbines to kill eagles?

   Tomorrow July 22, 2014 the California Fish and Wildlife Service is holding a hearing about issuing permits to Wind Turbine companies to kill eagles.

  The meeting will be held at the Red Lion Inn Woodlake conference center, 500 Liesure Lane in Sacramento from 5 to 8 PM.  The California Audubon Society is encouraging interested residents to attend.

Two Valley Springs men arrested

   On July 18, 2014 Emmett Cleveland James (63) of Valley Springs was arrested at St. Charles and Main St. in San Andreas for allegedly Receiving Stolen Property over $400 and Possession

Adam Levine gets married

   It seems that Adam Levine has married his girlfriend Behati Prinsloo in Cabo San Lucas over the weekend.

Copperopolis man arrested

   On July 18, 2014 Calaveras Sheriff's deputies arrested Trustyn Troy Taliaferro (23) of Copperopolis, on Millie Street in Copperopolis for alleged Possession of Narcotic Controlled Substance, 2nd Degree Burglary, Receiving Stolen Property valued over $400 and Grand Theft over $950, all four Felonies.

   Taliaferro was booked into the Calaveras County Jail.

James Garner dies...

   It seems that James Garner was on both TV and in movies for many decades. Most recently, the movie "The Notebook" was a wonderful part for him to end his career with.

   He was 86 years old and most cannot remember when he wasn't in either a TV show or on the big screen, both in comedies and dramatic roles.

Arrest on Fir Street in Arnold

     On July 20, 2014 Nathan Wesley Smith, (32) no address listed in Arnold, was arrested on Fir Street for alleged Violation  of Parole on two outstanding warrants, both felonies and for Obstructing a Public Officer and Unauthorized entrance, both misdemeanors.

   Smith was booked into the Calaveras County Jail.

Man choked by cop, dies

   After a cop arrested and put a choke hold on a man selling cigarettes without taxing them in NYC, the man died.

   The cop has been fired, according to NYC authorities.

$23.6 billion jury verdict not likely to stand

   Although a Florida jury awarded the wife of a 36 year old $23.6 billion due to his death of lung cancer after being a lifetime chain smoker, many feel the punitive damages will likely be cut down by an appeals court.

   The tobacco companies plan to appeal immediately.

Edward Snowden continues to embarrass the NSA and the White House

   Now the release of facts that indicate NSA employees routinely shared racy photos they intercepted of Americans cell phone traffic.

   Many feels that the embarrassment is the real reason Edward Snowden is being treated like a traitor by our government.

Family of Four lying... 7 days worth of their own trash.

Could put Rhode Island 17' under?

  In the Mother Earth News, an article claims that "California farms are sucking up enough groundwater to put Rhode Island 17 feet under."

   And this is while the rest of us are suffering and letting our yards die, and no one is allowed to use ground water in the western side of the county..

Wild and Scenic River Discussion in Calaveras County

   UPDATE:  July 21, 2014:  John Plasse, Supervisor of Amador County asks "Will the agenda include "possible action" such as support or oppose the bill pending amendment language, or will this just be an informational workshop with no substance?"