Friday, July 25, 2014

Letter to the Editor: Beware of Sonora Ford dealerships

 Dear Editor: 

    We are letting all your readers know that we believe you should beware of shopping for a vehicle at any Sonora Ford dealership. When you try to escalate a problem,

Jackson, CA City Council meets

   On Monday, July 28, 2014 at 7 PM the Jackson, CA City Council meets on Broadway in Jackson for their regular meeting.

    On the agenda are two items for discussion:  A mural project and a Music Organ Rally.

Disturbances reported in Calaveras county

   On July 24, 2014 disturbances bad enough to call the Calaveras Sheriff's Office occurred at Treats General Store in San Andreas, a male

Suspicious dancer and singer in Angels Camp

   On July 24, 2014 around 9 AM a resident on Francis Way called the Sheriff to report a man dancing and singing in the street, in her driveway on her lawn.  Says he's wearing dark glasses and a black San Francisco jersey.

   Resident had to leave for work and children are home with sitter, concerned. Now possibly headed for Angels Food Market.  No report was taken by the Sheriff.

Son arrested for sleeping in hammock?

   A resident on Hwy 4 in Murphys called the Calaveras Sheriff on July 24, 2014 to report that the son had slept in their hammock last night, but had been ordered to leave.

   Apparently Sheriff's deputies arrived and arrested the son.

El Pollo Loco goes public

   Shares of El Pollo Loco rose to around $23 each as the company debuted on the stock market. They raised $700 million in the offering, according to reports.

Gun Club Fire in Gustine

  July 25, 2014: As of 9:15 AM Cal Fire reports that the Gun Club Fire located at the Santa Fe Canal on Gun Club Rd in Gustine is 300 acres, but is now 70% contained.

Fake vintage wine really made in Arcadia

   His Arcadia kitchen was the place where Rudy Kurniawan created his phony vintage wine, on which he made over $20 million from the sales.

   He fooled celebrities and wine collectors and then used the money he made to buy fancy houses, real vintage wine and other luxuries.  He will have to pay $20 million and could go to jail for 11 years for his fraud.

Morgan Freeman "Never coming back" to Tonite Show

   After Jimmy Fallon made the usually serious Morgan Freeman suck helium and talk, Freeman told him in an "Alvin and the Chipmunks" voice. "I'm never coming back here"!

   He was actually promoting his TV show "Through the Wormhole".  We don't think he was serious about never coming back.


Giant Puppets in London

Giant puppets like this one
have been parading down
London streets this week.

Another child dies in hot car

   This time in Wichita, Kansas, a foster couple left a 10 month old baby in their hot car for two hours. When they returned it was dead.

   Authorities have removed the other two children they cared for from the home and charged the father with negligence.

Russians lose Gecko sex satellite

   A Russian satellite with a male and female Gecko aboard has been lost, according to a Russian space authority.

   Sent up to study weightlessness on sexual behavior, the are now attempting to locate and connect with the satellite.

Drone flies too close to Space Needle

Amazon is now testing delivery
with drones!
  An Amazon employee who was visiting Seattle, bought a four-propeller drone and was flying it out his hotel window.

   Equipped with a camera, he flew it near the top of the Space Needle and got reported to the Cops. They told him to stop flying the drone in public. Perhaps people should get used to seeing them. At one time people were terrified of airplanes.

Cranes 1 -- Raccoon 0

usfws photo
  At first it appeared that this raccoon was simply going to help himself to the food at the feeding station at the Sandhill Crane reserve in Mississippi.

usfws photo
   But, the raccoon got a surprise and decided to find his lunch somewhere else.