Sunday, August 3, 2014

Fire in Oregon and California

   A fire on the Oregon and California border, called the Beaver Fire, has burned 21, 088 acres and threatens 270 structures in both states. It is only 2% contained. They have requested help from all branches of government fire departments.

   Cal Fire is assisting Oregon authorities with this massive fire, made up of three separate fires
caused by lightning strikes.  This is near Ashland, Oregon. All areas have been evacuated.

You aren't mad, are you?

Foster Dad went to smoke pot

   Authorities are now saying that the Foster Dad who left his 10 month old foster daughter in the hot car to die had gone into the house to smoke pot.

   While most people don't object to people killing themselves with drugs, the fear is that with more lenient laws, more innocent children will die as a result of their uncaring caregivers.

Missing firefighter had Ecstasy and booze in his system

   The toxicology report on Southern California firefighter Mike Herdman came back this week. He went missing during a camping trip and was later found dead.

    The repot showed that not only did he have booze in his system, but Ecstasy. He had gone looking for his dog, who was later found in a parking lot without any injury.