Thursday, August 7, 2014

McClintock in the house

What do you mean take a seat?
I am sitting!
   We were just notified that our Congressman Tom McClintock will be in Copperopolis today, August 6, 2014 at 6 PM at the Copperopolis Armory at 695 Main Street.

   We were not notified in advance of his plan to attend a town meeting in Copperopolis or anywhere else in Calaveras. Will Art Moore also be present?  That would be ideal!

Angels Camp Police looking for a "few" good CERT members

     The City of Angels Camp is holding a training class on Saturday August 16, 2014 from 9 AM to 6 PM for Community Emergency Response Team Training.

   This is to qualify ordinary citizens to assist in Emergencies, should they occur.  Only 20 seats are available in the class.  Call Dennis Lewis with questions 712-3120.

Parents/cops kill daughters black boyfriend

   The parents of a teenage daughter who had brought her black boyfriend over to meet them, are in jail, accused of murder and accessory to murder of the boy. Yes, they are both COPS!

   This happened in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The parents had apparently recently thrown their daughter out of the house for "bad decisions" in life. Is racism among cops alive and well in the US or not?

McClintock seat may be lost to Moore

Because McClintock
is a Carpetbagger, he
has lost a lot
 of support!
   The new California primary system is having good effects on elections around the State. Most are concentrating what has happened to Tom McClintock, a career politician from Los Angeles.

Edward Snowden gets 3 year residency in Russia

   Edward Snowden, the NSA whistle-blower, has been granted a three-year residency permit in Russia.


John Denver home for sale

  The home that John Denver built for his family in Aspen, Colorado is on the market. After his death, it was sold to an investor.

   The main house has 6 bedrooms and stone fireplaces. The guest house has 5 bedrooms. For $10.75 million you too can have a "Rocky Mountain High".

Fire in Shasta County near Burney

  August 7, 2014:  As of 7 AM Cal Fire reports that the Eiler Fire in Shasta County is 31,722 acres and is 40% contained.

   Eight residences, one commercial building and 20 outbuildings have been destroyed so far. The cause is still under investigation.