Friday, September 26, 2014

Vandalism at Meadowmont Pharmacy

   On September 25, 2014 vandalism was reported at the Meadowmont Pharmacy in Arnold. The door was damaged by someone in an apparent attempt to break in.

      A Calaveras Sheriff's deputy took the report.

Homeless Problem at Mar Val

   On September 25, 2014 Mar Val reported a petty theft. A homeless person had stolen a sandwich from the store in Valley Springs. A citation was issued.

   Later on that day, they reported that the same person was hanging around the front tables, appearing to be intoxicated.   This time the Sheriff responded and the person was arrested. 

Black Bear in San Andreas?

If you leave food or trash
outside, it will attract bears
and other wildlife.
   On September 25, 2014 around 6:40 AM someone called the Sheriff to report that a black bear was at the ball park in San Andreas. It probably smelled some type of food or water.

   They think it came from a nearby neighborhood.   Don't be surprised if you see wild animals nearby homes, as their natural food and water supply has been deprived due to the drought.

    If you report them, Fish and Wildlife Killers will destroy them, and enjoy it. Don't panic, just yell and wave your arms around. They are terrified of humans, and for good reason, since humans are the worst predator in the world.

President Obama expands Marine Reserve in Pacific

   President Obama signed a proclamation yesterday, expanding the marine reserve in the Pacific Ocean to 490,000 square miles.

   No commercial fishing or other commercial activities can occur in the area, but recreational fishing will be allowed.  It will protect the sea turtle and other species from extinction.

Veterans are being "Deported"?

   Did you know that if you are an honorably discharged Veteran of the US Armed Forces, but then are caught with drugs or some other offense, you will be deported?

     Of course, this is mostly those Mexican-American Veterans who spent most of their lives in the US, then served in the military, got PTSD and now  the US doesn't want them anymore.

Montana Rapist to be Re-Sentenced/ Judge Censured!

   The teacher who was convicted of raping a teenage girl in Montana and was given a very light sentence by a judge who blamed the girl, is being re-sentenced.

   The minimum sentence he can received is two years in prison. The original judge has been censured due to his inappropriate comments about the young girl.

Is Eric Frein in abandoned hotel?

   The suspected cop killer Eric Frein has eluded police for two weeks. Today they are searching an old 20 year abandoned Pennsylvania hotel called the Buck Hill Inn.

   It is rumored to be haunted, with beds still made and falling debris covering them. It was once even a location for the TV show "Fear". 

Mailman HOARDS mail!!

Wayne Knight played 'Newman' in
'the "Seinfeld" TV show.
   Just like a real episode of "Seinfeld" a 67 year old Brooklyn, New York US Postal worker was arrested yesterday after 40,000 pieces of mail were found in his home, work locker and car.

   Newman was a pretend mailman in the TV series who had apparently done the same thing.  In the real life case, a supervisor noticed all the mail in the mailman's car and reported it. The hoarding had taken place over a 10 year period.

Caltrans back in Murphys

  September 26. 2014:   If you live in the Murphys area or use Hwy 4 to get to work you should be aware that "THEY'RE  BACK!!"

   That is, the Caltrans crews, who seem to switch around a lot in area, are back in the middle of Murphys near the school, working on the Hwy 4 job again. Be careful!!

King Fire releasing firefighters

   September 26, 2014 at 6:10 AM:  Some of the 8000 firefighters battling the King Fire will be released today due to the benefit of the rain in bringing up the containment level.

    The new total this morning Cal Fire reports is 97,000 acres burned.  Some of the mandatory evacuations have been lifted.  The fire is now 68% contained, thanks to yesterday's rain.

Major League Baseball

    September 26, 2014:  As the end of the season comes near and Playoffs begin, the American League East is dominated by the Baltimore Orioles, with a 95 win to 64 losses for the season so far.

Big Rig Jack-knife's on Hwy 99

   September 26, 2014 at 6 AM:  A big rig has jack-knifed at Hwy 99 at the Hwy 4 cross town onramp in Stockton.

   Be extra cautious if headed in that direction, westbound lane #1 on the Hwy 4 onramp is blocked. No injuries are reported per CHP.

Fire in San Andreas

   September 26, 2014: A grass fire was been reported in San Andreas near the Tower Gas Station around 3:10 AM. . Firefighters responded to the area immediately.

   The fire was located directly across from the Pickle Patch on St. Charles Street. A spot fire that was extinguished quickly by firefighters.