Friday, October 3, 2014

Short-time Spellman and Tea Party call in sick?

   The September 30, 2014 Supervisors were lonely this week's night meeting, as both Short-Timer Spellman and the Tea Party clan apparently called in sick for the meeting.

   We could tell the Pontiff Ponte and Pastor Edsel truly missed their religious friends and cohorts. The Tea Party main leader, however, was present and spoke as often as possible.

Fed Ex collides with tanker truck on Hwy 12

   UPDATE at 2:30 PM:  CHP indicates that injuries in this accident were minor.

Fire in Mokelumne HIll

   UPDATE at 1:45 PM:  Reports indicate that they are getting the fire knocked down.

OP-ED...Why I support Art Moore for Congress

   by Congressman George Radanovich

     After the redistricting process of 2012, Tom McClintock became the congressman of the newly redrawn Fourth Congressional District of California.

Traffic Accident in Mokelumne Hill

   UPDATE at 11:45 AM:  We just learned that one vehicle's occupants were from out of town. That vehicle was a rental and is totaled per CHP.

Four trapped in crashed car in Stockton after chase

   UPDATE at 11:30 AM:  In the continuing investigation into this tragic crash, the San Joaquin County Sheriff''s Office were just told that they believe one of the parties they are searching for ran into an apartment.

Caution: Hwy 4 Road Work in Downtown Arnold

   UPDATE:  Just came through Murphys. They have traffic backed up both directions there, too.  Be careful. Also, we saw NO CHP anywhere.