Tuesday, October 14, 2014

McClintock only appears before the sun comes up?

   Apparently afraid of having the sun shine on him, Tom McClintock only agreed to one debate, and it began before sunrise at 7 AM October 14, 2014 in Auburn.

    In District 4, the most beautiful parts of the state,

Large Black Bear in Columbia

  October 14, 2014 at 7:15 PM:  A large bear was reported on North Airport Road and Chile Gulch Road in Columbia.

   They are just looking for food and water, since Cal Fire and SPI have clear-cut most of the forest that the hunter didn't burn down. You leave them alone and they will leave you alone.

OP-ED: How do you spell Nonpartisan?

   I wish the Calaveras Republican Party hadn't injected partisan politics into the races for County Supervisor, Superior Court Judge and

The Saga of Dusty Costa....Part 13

   by Dustin Costa himself from prison in Colorado for growing pot in California

   There are no shot-callers in a camp, at least not with the same power and authority

The REAL John Boehner

Is he screaming "Don't you DARE let those ****** people vote!?"

Oversized Boat causing delays in Angels Camp

  UPDATE at 11:25 AM:  The roadway is now clear.

Battery at Rite of Passage

   On October 13, 2014 a battery was reported at Rite of Passage on Fricot Ranch Road in San Andreas.

   The Calaveras Sheriff's Office took a report of the incident. No other information was available.

Caltrans doubles up on traffic today

  Since Caltrans road crews gave us all a day off for Columbus Day by not blocking Hwy 4, they made up for it this morning, we hear.

   If you were headed down from Arnold you would be stopped twice for quite a long time, and it was difficult to tell what they were doing. They must have thought they were being too good to us.

No arrests on October 13, 2014

  On the union holiday October 13, 2014 not one arrest took place in all of Calaveras County. Does that mean all the criminals took the day off with pay, too? hmmmm....we'll see!

Christopher Columbus As the country becomes more Educated

   What happened in Seattle and is happening around the country is not a rebuke of Italians. It's evidence of higher education among all cultures.

   Columbus Day, to the now elderly,

Calaveras Sheriff demands raise? Sober?

   UPDATE:  According to a Supervisor this was meant to be administrative changes only; not a real raise. It affects the codes. 

 Also, we have received information not yet confirmed that the Sheriff Kuntz took

Pot growers caught during King Fire escape attempt!

CHP photo
   From now on if we see a rented moving van coming down from the mountain areas, we may wonder what is inside.

   During the King Fire, pot growers quickly cut their crops and rented a moving van to get it out of the way of the fire, but CHP officers and a dog sniffed it out, finding 1000 lbs of fresh pot inside.

Woman rescued after spending night in crashed car

   October 14, 2014:  A woman whose car overturned and rolled 500' down an embankment on Mt. Hamilton in the San Jose area yesterday afternoon, was located early this morning.

   The woman, who has life-threatening injuries, was air lifted by a rescue helicopter and taken to an area hospital.

Nurses dog will not be euthanized per Mayor

   The young nurse who came down with Ebola has a King Charles Spaniel dog she adores and was worried about what would happen to him.

   In Spain, the Ebola patients dog was destroyed, out of fear that it might pass on the disease. The mayor of Dallas says her dog is isolated at animal control and will not be euthanized.

Clowns--Love them or FEAR them?

   As we've all seen in the fantastic sitcom 'Modern Family', some people love clowns or want to be clowns and some people have a phobic fear of them.

  Of course, we are talking about Cam,

Why did Shirley Ryan got the CAO job?

   At first it wasn't clear why Shirley Ryan, who already has quite a bit on her plate, would be appointed CAO after Lori Norton was eliminated.

   Is it because Ms. Norton gets 3 months pay for her enduring the abuse from these extremist Supervisors Pontiff Ponte, Holier than thou Edsel and lil' Altar Boy Spellman?  If so, she deserves it and we hope she enjoys it. 

    This way they hope the money they have wasted doesn't show up so much. We have also heard that she couldn't take all the complaints she received about the clerk of the board. Is that true?

Calaveras Supervisors--Right Wing Prayer Meeting 9 AM

   Today, October 14, 2014 at 9 AM the Calaveras Supervisors, led by extremist right wing religious Pontiff Ponte, Holier than thou Pastor Edsel and lil' Altar Boy Spellman, are supposed to hold a Board meeting.

   That is, after the long prayers, which are necessary for them to try and bring women around to their
extremist views against womens rights.  They need to help all sinners who think women should have any rights at all.  This could be their closed session.