Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Citation for illegal debris burning

   At 8:45 AM on October 22, 2014 CalFire responded to a call for a vegetation fire in the !6000 block of Creekside Drive in Sonora.

   Firefighters discovered an illegal burn and immediately extinguished it.  The homeowner was cited for misdemeanor Burning without a Permit.  Only a spot of vegetation was burned.

Water Main break in Downtown Arnold

   CCWD has just notified us that a main water line break in Cedar Center is causing a water outage in most of the downtown area of Arnold.

   About 500 residents and businesses are affected. It could take up to 8 hours to repair the break.

Leader of Nixon Investigation dies

  Ben Bradlee, the Editor in Chief of the Washington Post during the Nixon investigation and Watergate scandal,  has died at the age of 93.

Bear Cub in Aisle 5 ?

   This bear cub somehow sneaked into a Rite Aid store and was the hit of the internet last night.  In the videos, no one tried to chase it away; instead they tried to get it to come to them.

   He was captured and taken to a wildlife refuge center. They never did see the mama bear.

Dallas Animal Services clears dog

   The dog of the infected Ebola nurse in Dallas has tested negative for the Ebola virus, much to the relief of his owner.

   The Dallas Animal Services department has had him in quarantine.

New Poll shows Online harassment high

      A new poll shows that 40 percent of all Internet users have been personally harasses online and 73 percent have seen it happen to others.

   Also, 70 percent of young people have been harassed online at some time or other.

Blackwater Guards GUILTY!

   Today, four former Blackwater Guards were convicted in the killings of 30 Iraqis in 2007. One was found guilty of murder and the other three of manslaughter.

   They had been contracted by the State Department to protect diplomats in Baghdad.

OP-ED...Endorsement for Judge

   Vote Courtroom Experience Practicing the Law:

   As local business owners in Murphys and Victim Advocates for Citizens Against Homicide, we endorse

Calaveras Arts Council gets $1500 from Office of Education

   The Calaveras arts Council announces that the Calaveras County Office of Education County Superintendent, Kathy Northington has awarded them $1500 to help fund their Arts in the School Program for 2014-15.

   The CCOE is so supportive of this program that they have allocated funds annually for almost as long as the program has existed.

Candidates for Calaveras Judge--Video on You Tube

   In Valley Springs last week, a candidate's night was held where we had a great debate over qualifications and quality for Judge of Calaveras County.

   You have got to watch it. Go to You tube and search Candidates Night/Rancho Calaveras. It will be the first one to come up. We never see debates like this for Judge in Calaveras County.

    You will learn what a good judge should be. Dana Pfeil was outstanding, both as an aggressive woman and her attention to detail went right down to politely correcting Gary Tofanelli, the moderator, towards the end.  Vote for Dana Pfeil.

Murphys Sanitary District meets//Manholes on Jones Street project

   On Thursday, October 23, 2014 at 9:30 AM the Murphys Sanitary District meets to discuss a capitol improvement project, the manholes on Jones Street in Murphys.

   Also on the agenda is negotiation for property at 333 Main Street.    The meeting will be held at their office at 90 Big Trees Road.

Angels Camp Arrest for False Imprisonment, Battery

  On October 21, 2014 at around 11:45 AM the Angels Camp Police Department arrested Matthew Eric Hagaman (30) of Angels Camp near Bragg Street and Stork Road for alleged False Imprisonment, a felony and Battery, a misdemeanor.

    Hagaman was booked into the Calaveras County Jail.

Big Rig hits tree at Jack Tone Road

  October 22, 2014 at 8:45 AM:  A big rig ran off the road and hit a tree at Mariposa and Jack Tone Road, outside of Stockton.

   An ambulance is en route to the scene due to injuries.

Angels Camp City Council "Here they go again!"

  UPDATE:  The plan was voted down by the City Council at last night's meeting. A little power to the PEOPLE!!

World Series 2014 game 1 goes to Giants

   Due to the pitching of Bumgarner, the Giants swept over the Royals 7-1 last night.

   Game 2 in Kansas City tonight. Can they continue to dominate?

McClintock begs for Tea Party help

   The McClintock campaign has sent out an emergency email, begging all Tea Party members to come to Roseville to try and help him save his cushy job in Washington.

   Since not one newspaper that we know of, has endorsed him, his campaign is dependent on Tea Party voters only. They must be feeling desperate!

Letter to the Editor: Judge of Department 2

   Dear Editor:

   Having been a Police Officer and Courtroom Bailiff for over 44 years, I have seen dozens of Judges and hundreds of Attorneys in Court.