Monday, November 3, 2014

Norman Eugene Baccus of Valley Springs

Buses sliding at Hwy 4 and Stallion Way

   November 3, 2014 at 2:15 PM:  Two school buses have reported to CHP that they were sliding in the roadway due to water at Hwy 4 and Stallion Way in Angels Camp.

   CHP is en route to the area.

Ferguson Police muzzle press

  It turns out that the Ferguson Police apparently falsely got the FAA to ban all flights over Ferguson during the protests after a boy was shot and killed there.

   Now a tape of police officials admitting that they were trying to stop the press from seeing what was happening turns up, angering the press and residents even more.

Remember "Car Talk"?

   The two brothers Ray and Tom Magliozzi were the comedy/advice guys on radio for nearly 30 years. Their show was called "Car Talk".

   Tom Magliozzi has died of complications from Alzheimers at age 77.


Karen Strohmeyer and Mike Preston lead campaigners?

   We have been told by an anonymous source, that not only are Ms Strohmeyer and Mike Preston leading the campaign to get Michael Oliveira elected, but several people have told us they believe there is much more to the relationship

Michael Oliveira, Marti Crane, George Fry are TRIPLETS? Or Stooges?

   Earlier today, someone told us they thought that candidates Oliveira, Crane and Fry must be triplets, as their behavior is so similar.

Oregon woman ends her life

   Brittany Maynard, a 29 year old woman who left California to move to Oregon passed away over the weekend.

   Diagnosed with 6 months to live, California would not allow her to end her life with dignity at her own choice of time.  Oregon law allows doctor assisted suicide.

Noisy parties Halloween night

Several noisy parties were reported on Halloween night in Calaveras County.  No citations for noise were issued and no arrests were made.

   It was mostly juveniles who were causing disturbances, per the daily log of the Sheriff's Office.

Elderly woman with cane, wearing garbage bag

  On October 31, 2014 two reports were received by the Calaveras Sheriff of an elderly woman with a can wearing a black garbage bag on Hwy 26 in Mokelumne Hill.

   The deputy was unable to locate the woman.

Burglary in West Point

  On October 31, 2014 a burglary was report at a residence on Pine Street in West Point.

  A Calaveras Sheriff's deputy took a report. There was another burglary reported at a residence on Hwy 26 earlier in the evening.

Don't forget to VOTE!!

Russia tears down Apple Memorial

   After Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple Computer went public as a gay man, Putin had the memorial to Steve Jobs torn down.

  Putin signed a law making it illegal to suggest gay sex to minors in Russia.

Passes remain closed

   Hwys  108 of Sonora Pass, 120 of Tioga Pass, and Hwy 4 of Ebbetts Pass, remain closed today.

  The storm gave the high mountains quite a bit of snow. Chains are not currently required in the areas below the closures.

Car Fire in Vallecito

  UPDATE:  Fire personnel quickly extinguished the fire. Everyone got out, and other cars also stopped to assist.

   November 3, 2014 at 10:20 AM:  Fire personnel are onscene at a vehicle fire at Hwy 4 and Parrotts Ferry Road in Vallecito.


Head-on Collision on Hogan Dam Road

   UPDATE:  This accident has been cleared.

One more day....

   Tomorrow is election day for two Supervisors, Judges and others in Calaveras County, Tuolumne County, Amador County and across the country.

   Getting out the vote is the concentration today for both sides chances at the polls.  What will happen?  Tomorrow night we'll know for sure, at least in most races.