Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Joe Scarborough comes "out of the closet"!

   In the past few years, many, including myself, have enjoyed watching the early morning political    talk show, "Morning Joe" with GOP representative Joe Scarborough

Rain at 5000'

   December 2, 2014 at 2 PM:  We just checked and it is still just rain in Dorrington at 5000' elevation. It has been a rain, snow mix at Bear Valley.

   Sorry, skiers!

The California Audubon Society

asks you to donate to the birds this #giving Tuesday.
Photo is the Harlequin Duck.

Letter to the Editor...Why I dislike/like the ACA

      Dear Editor:

    The Affordable Care Act, the ACA, known to just about everybody as Obamacare, is about half implemented.

  I always refer to it as the Affordable Care Act, and I wish others would also.  Each state may

Online threats before Supreme Court today

   As our readers know, violent and even death threats are written by low-life, probably drunken scums, under supposed anonymity as comments in the

Buzzz Saw of Calaveras District 3

   Guess this is important to post in the Buzz Saw that nearly everywhere you go, people are talking about this threat, and trying to figure who the "WE" are.

   How will this type of violence figure into whether anyone wants to buy property here in District 3 was one realtors question.

  Why isn't the Sheriff and DA doing something to put these people away is the other question Buzzing.
Is it someone to do with the Meutterties, and Oliveira's recent election, is another main component of the BUZZ?

Traffic Collision on Hwy 49

   UPDATE at 11:55 AM: One lane traffic control is now in effect.

Traffic Collision at Hwy 4 and Hwy 99

   UPDATE:  20' of guard railing and a post are damaged.

Karen Strohmeyer is sadly mentally disturbed after breakup with man "she loves"? Police report!

    We were just forced to write yet another criminal complaint about the Karen Strohmeyer harassment and stalking, disturbing the peace and that we will sign an arrest warrant. This goes to the
Sheriff and District Attorney.
    Her red car was on the way up the driveway and she blasted the horn 6 times at me and my husband who was trying to rest.

Mud and water on roadways

   December 2, 2014 at 9:30 AM:  Mud and water flooding roadways in various area, including Hwy 99 have been reported.

   Use extra caution driving today, as a flooded road could cause your vehicle to hydroplane if you hit it suddenly.

Neighbors from Hell warning!!

  To all of you who have reported to us about your Neighbors From Hell, be warned: Do not join a Neighborhood Watch group, as it is very possible that your very NEXT DOOR NEIGHBORS

Three arrests in Mokelumne HIll --Two more arrests at same location

  UPDATE on December 3, 2014:  Two more people have reportedly been arrested at the same Ponderosa Way location in Mokelumne Hill on December 2, 2014.

Injured deer on Hwy 4 in Avery

   UPDATE:  The deer has been despatched and moved off the highway for Caltrans to pickup.

Calaveras Lumber Burglarized

Tracy Rogers
of Avery
   According to the Angels Camp Police Department, on November 27, 2014 at approximately 5:15 AM, Ofc. Kyle Hansen and Ofc. Jim McKeon responded to Calaveras Lumber for a suspicious circumstance. 

   The party who reported could hear someone throwing things