Friday, January 2, 2015

Snowmobile crash at Bear Valley

   January 2, 2015 at 12:30 PM:  CHP is at the scene just off Hwy 4 where a snowmobile traffic collision has been reported at Bear Valley.

   An ambulance is also responding to the scene.

Pope Frances: One step forward, TWO steps back

Photo speaks for itself!
   People were so happy when Pope Francis opened up 'heaven" to our wonderful, loyal and sinless pets.

Car spins out, hits wall on 99

   January 2, 2015 at 11:20 AM:  A dark-colored vehicle reportedly spun out of control and hit the wall on Hwy 99 near Briggsmore in Modesto.

   Emergency personnel are en route, including an ambulance. Use extra caution if headed for that area.

"Please adopt me" UPDATE - Adopted!!!

"I'm adorable. My name is Rudy and I
would love to go home with you!"
Call Calaveras County Animal Services for
more information at 754-6509

Calaveras Vandals

   On December 31, 2014 Vandalism was reported to a lobby on Main Street in Murphys, and at a residence on Hartvickson in Valley Springs (egged).

Toby Keiths "I love this bar a grill" closes

   The Folsom Toby Keiths' "I love this bar and grill" has closed its doors. One city council person said they were sorry to see them go.

   Apparently there are rumors that a Nordstrom may be taking the space. Many bands and events have been scheduled for the month of January 2015 at Keith's. Toby Kieth played there in 2013.

Man arrested at Frogtown

   On December 31, 2014, the Calaveras County Sheriff's Office arrested Donovan Chad Brevik, (27) of Frogtown for alleged Infliction of Corporal Injury on a Spouse,  False Imprisonment with Violence, Willful Cruelty to a Child and Threatening a Crime with the Intent to Terrorize, all felonies.

   Brevik was booked into the Calaveras County Jail.

Yahoo buying TV network?

   It was reported early this morning that Yahoo may be shopping for a TV network or channel to purchase.

 It currently shares time on another cable channel.

Harry Reid injured at home

  Outgoing Senate majority leader Harry Reid suffered broken ribs and facial bones after falling, when a piece of exercise equipment he was using at home, failed.

   He has been hospitalized with his injuries.

Couple attacked, remain hospitalized

   A Diamond Springs couple are still in the hospital today after reportedly being held hostage and injured by intruders 2 days ago.

   Neighbors of the couple are shocked that such a thing could happen near them without any of them being aware of trouble.

One pinned in car in Modesto--fatality

  UPDATE:  This collision is now sadly, a fatal one.

PG&E rates up 6%

   The California Public Utilities Commission gave PG&E permission to raise our electricity rates 6% beginning January 1, 2015.

   When their employees get raises, we get them too!

Old truck circling with no driver

   UPDATE:  A CHP officer used his patrol vehicle to stop the circling driverless truck. The patrol vehicle suffered some damage as a result, but the truck was stopped before it reached a gas pump.

Governor Mario Cuomo dies

   Former Governor Mario Cuomo died on January 1, 2015, just hours after his son Andrew was sworn in as New York's Governor.

   Another son Chris Cuomo

Traffic Collision in Jamestown

   UPDATE:  Injuries are minor in this collision.

January 2, 2015 at 6:30 AM:  A traffic collision