Monday, January 26, 2015

Calaveras County Community plans DUMPED!!

  After 10 years and at least $1.5 million, the Calaveras County General Plan has been released for comment and review; and this isn't the first time.

   Although there were warnings, it is now official that the YEARS

Another bicycle collision

   January 26, 2015 at 2:30 PM:  A semi truck has struck a bicyclist; this time at Montpelier Road and Keyes Road in Denair.

    An ambulance is en route. It is reported that the cyclist is still alive but seriously injured. Three CHP units are also at the scene.

Animal Legal Defense Fund

   The Animal Legal Defense Fund helps protect animals from cruelty of all types in the US. Their website has details of what they are doing in court and where.

   They have pro-bono attorneys who work for them for little or no money just to help the animals. Check them out.


Dog burned alive inside carrier

   UPDATE on February 20, 2015:  Authorities now have a suspect in the torture and killing of this young dog.  A 20 year old Oakland resident  is the alleged killer.

Ladder on Hwy 99

  January 26,  2015 at 1:30 PM:  A ladder has just been reported on Hwy 99 just south of Hammer Lane in Stockton.

   Be extra cautious if headed that way until CHP can clear this hazard.

Bobcats trapped and killed for fur

Doesn't everyone realize that
no bobcats or any other
wild creatures will survive
the clear-cutting of our'watershed.
   Many of you will remember that last year, California Fish and Wildlife spent months watching a Sacramento area man trap and kill dozens of Bobcats for their skins.

   All he received was a big fine, which he paid with his profits from skinning the poor creatures. We need to tell our state representatives that we want to protect them by enforcing the
Bobcat Protection Act.

Anthony "Tony" Trozzi of Murphys

   Anthony "Tony" Trozzi, of  Murphys, passed away on January 18, 2015 in Modesto. He was 59 years old.

     Wife Jodell Trozzi, daughter Sheri Trozzi Resnik,

Over a dozen boats destroyed

Dennis Fay pulled his boat out away from
the fire, and then took this photo.
   A fire in the early morning hours in a covered boathouse, storage area a Walnut Grove Marina, destroyed over a dozen boats, including several valuable yachts.

   The cause of the fire is not known at this time, but an investigation has begun.

Sheriff volunteers help with Copper run

  Two Calaveras volunteer deputies assisted the Copperopolis Fire department in the run they held last Saturday. 

   Ed Anderson and Ed Evans both offered their help. If you are interested in becoming part of this volunteer group, call 754-2889 or visit  Seniors are welcome and no law enforcement experience is necessary.

Calaveras Supervisors and CCWD want Climate Change

   Now that Supervisor Pastor Cliff Edsel has been able to convince the Board of Supervisors and CCWD that his elimination of the Sierra Watershed is wonderful, it makes it very clear that they are looking forward to more warming

Monty Python on FOX News

  When you get time, you need to go to utube and watch "Monty Python on FOX News"! John Cleese is the best!!

   I remember him most hilariously as the owner of "Fawlty Towers", a hotel. Laugh just thinking about it.

Pickup vs bicycle in Modesto

   January 26, 2015 at 9:50 AM:  A white Toyota pickup that was reportedly chasing a male on a bicycle has collided with the cyclist on San Michelle Drive in Modesto.

   An ambulance and law enforcement emergency personnel are at the scene.

CCWD Workshop

     UPDATE: Per Joel Metzger, (all CCWD Directors currently serving are told NOT to respond to questions.  Certainly shames them

School bus collision in Oakdale

  January 26, 2015 at 7:20 AM:  A school bus reportedly hit a curb and damaged the door at W. J Street and South Bryan in Oakdale, just behind the high school.

   Two students were on board, but no injuries have been reported. Emergency personnel are en route to the scene.

Entering Jams in Calaveras County Fair?

   If you plan to enter your canned jams or jellies in the 2015 Calaveras County Fair, they want to remind you that you must enter by April 11, 2015.

   For more information and entry packets, go to or go to the Calaveras Fairgrounds office.

Collision on Hwy 99 in Modesto

   January 26, 2015 at 6:50 AM:  A traffic collision has been reported on Hwy 99 northbound at Jack Tone Road in Modesto.

    A white Toyota and a gray vehicle were apparently involved. It isn't yet known if there are injuries.

Car fire on Hwy 99

   January 26, 2015 at 6:45 AM:  A car is reportedly on fire on Hwy 99 just south of the Hwy 4 crosstown freeway in Stockton.

   Emergency personnel are en route. Use extra caution if in that area.