Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Did Candidate Michael Oliveira Speak the truth???

    UPDATE:  Not one word from the Oliveira camp on whether he will eliminate the Community Plans instituted by his predecessor, Merita Callaway. He states that he is not like her, but we hear that he is doing everything like she did, and could care less about jobs or business in District 3.

White House Student Film Festival

   The deadline for submitting a film for consideration in the Student Film Festival has been extended to February 2, 2015.

   Any student any K-12 can enter and all 3 minute films will be reviewed by the American Film Institute and White House staff. Search White House Film Festival for rules and entry form.

Major Injury Collision in Denair

   January 27, 2015 at 3:30 PM:  A major injury traffic collision has been reported on Gratton Road in Denair.

   One severely injured person is being flown to Memorial Hospital.

FOX fired employee commits suicide

This photo of the Austin Police Chief
after his officers arrested the girl on the
left for jaywalking, began his troubles.
  UPDATE:  As we were almost to the end of the utube series, someone removed the entire collection.

 A 41 year-old former employee of a FOX network station in Austin, Texas, committed suicide on the steps if FOX Corporate Headquarters in New York this morning by shooting himself.

   Philip Perea (41) had been suffering from ADD and OCD during his time of work at FOX. His tapes, posted on utube, of his sessions with management prior to his firing, are very sad.

E-cigarettes tobacco product??

   A new bill introduced in Sacramento would classify e-cigarettes as the same as any other tobacco product, due to the fact that they include addictive nicotine, which is derived from tobacco.

   If it passes, the same bans would be in place for e-cigarettes as for all other tobacco products. It's the nicotine that keeps people addicted.

Dog hit by delivery truck?

   January 27, 2015 at 10:35 AM:  A resident on Marble Quarry Road in Columbia, near Parrotts Ferry Road reported that his dog was hit by a UPS delivery truck.

   A CHP unit is en route to the scene. It is logged as a hit and run with no injuries.

Sgt. Beau Bergdahl to be charged with desertion

   According to reports, Sgt. Beau Bergdahl, who claimed to have been held as a captive in Iraq for five years, will be charged with alleged desertion.

   In addition to the charges, Bergdahl will apparently not be paid the nearly $300,000 he is claiming in back pay during those years.  He will be busted back to Pfc. and put out of the military with a less than honorable discharge.

Rain possible in Calaveras and Tuolumne counties

   UPDATE at 6:55 AM: A light rain is now falling in many areas of both Calaveras and Tuolumne County. About an inch or so of snow is expected above 6000'.  Drive carefully, as roadways will be slick!