Thursday, July 2, 2015

Fire reported in Valley Springs

   A fire has been reported at Raindance Road and Pettinger Road in the Valley Spring area. Cal Fire is en route to the scene.

   Use caution if heading that way.

You have a "Neighbor from Hell" if.... #6

   You definitely have a "Neighbor from Hell" if from the first time you meet them they lie about knowing your family members in order to try and get things from you.

   You later will learn that these "Neighbors from Hell" lie about everything and to everyone, especially the cops. 

Cop leaves K-9 in car with 100+ heat--death!!

This is Nitro
  A Stockton Police Officer left his K-9 partner locked in the patrol car yesterday in the 100+ degree heat to suffer?  The cop said the air conditioner was left on.

   The dog died after suffering for how long?  How could this happen? A cop who has to know better?  Is this manslaughter (or dogslaughter).  Something should happen to the cop.

MIddle of the night fire in Ione

   Cal Fire was called to a fire in Ione that was reported at around 2 AM this morning, July 2, 2015.

   They were able to bring it into containment but only after it burned 355 acres. The cause is under investigation.

Michelle Ponte of Angels Camp

    Michelle "Shell" Ponte, 22, of Angels Camp passed away at her home in Angels Camp.

   She was currently attending college working towards her degree in nursing, following in her Grandma Jane Ponte's footsteps.

   Her goal was to work in obstetrics.

Collision on Hwy 99

   July 2, 2015 at 1:15 PM:  A grey BMW and a tan Ford collided on Hwy 99 at North Briggsmore  Avenue in Modesto and some type of altercation apparently ensured.

   One witness reported that a man tried to get back into his vehicle and that then two women got into their car and hit him again.  CHP is en route to the scene.

Horses running in Rancho Calaveras

      Be extra cautious if heading for the area of Warren Road and Zinfandel Avenue in the Rancho Calaveras area.  This is just off Hwy 26.

    CHP has been notified. They will try and notify the owners to get them back in their pasture.

Charles Avery Fee of Valley Springs

   November 2, 1922 to June 27, 2015

   Charlie Fee died of natural causes at his home in Valley Springs on Saturday, June 27, 2015.

   He was born on November 2, 1922 in Medina County, Texas

Myths about the Confederacy! Op-Ed!!

   There are many myths concerning the Confederacy and the War Between the States.

   One is that the Confederates were heroes fighting for the honor of the south. ....Hardly! 

Hillary Clinton breaks record

   Hillary Clinton has raised $45 million in the first quarter of her campaign, which breaks all previous records for Presidential campaigns in the US.

   This is going to be an expensive election, and Republicans will pull out all the stops, so Dems will have to keep it up throughout the cycle.

Republicans continue to ban collecting gun violence data in US

The world needs more guns, right? Just ask the NRA!!
   An amendment that would have reinstated the Center for Disease Control's collection of data on gun violence in the US, was rejected in the Appropriations committee by Republicans.

   The NRA, the gun manufacturers lobby, makes sure the Republican Party gets plenty of money for helping them hide the real facts on gun violence. Sad, but true.  That way true statistics of gun violence can never be revealed.

Next Tuesday is Leap-second

Is this the official International clock!
   Did you know the world has International Timekeepers; of course you did. Someone has to keep us straight.

   Well, due to a slight (ever so slight) slower rotation of the earth, next Tuesday July 7, 2015 we will experience a LEAP Second, where these timekeepers will apparently set us back a second to allow for this change.

Lion cubs named on Facebook

   Three lion cubs, born in April at the Vincennes Zoo in France, made their debut to the public. They were named via votes on Facebook.

   Atlas, Kebo and Chanti are the first lion cubs born at the zoo.

30 Rock gets new official name

     The owner of the building and NBC has officially changed the name of what was known as 30 Rock to the Comcast Building.

   The new sign has the NBC peacock over the Comcast name.  Now we know what they do with all the money they overcharge us for cable.

Flags on Hwy 12 in Wallace

Taylor took this photo on July 1, 2015 around sunset. Gorgeous!
If anyone knows how many flags are there, let us know.

Angels Camp City Council talks DROUGHT! More Planning Commissioners!!

   On Tuesday July 7, 2015 at 6 PM the regular meeting of the Angels Camp City Council will have ONE Regular Agenda item, that of adopting Resolution 15-24 a Drought Program Implementation and Rebate Program.

   They will also appoint 2 new Planning Commissioners.  They never last long; not if they have any honor in them, at least not in Angels Camp.

Homeless camping everywhere??

   We hear reports almost daily of the Calaveras Sheriff being informed about homeless camps in various places in Calaveras County.

   This is a dangerous practice and a real fire danger.  If you notice someone who appears to be camping illegally, report it. Call 754-6500.  If they do nothing, tell the Sentinel.


Fire off Hwy 108

   On July 1, 2015 Cal Fire responded to a report of a grass fire on the Peoria Kissler Ranch, off Hwy 108 in Tuolumne County.

   Columbia Air Attack and tanker assisted and limited the fire to 1/2 acre. CHP also assisted with traffic control.  The cause has not been determined.

Mother Lode Fair starts July 10-12

Cruelty to Animals report in Murphys

 UPDATE: We received an anonymous comment that this didn't happen the way it looks on the Sheriff's logs. No other details were given.

     On June 30, 2015, during the 100 degree heat,

Vehicle reported overturned on Hwy 12

   June 2, 2015 at 6 AM:  A car was reportedly overturned on Hwy 12 at Camanche Parkway in Wallace, and apparently a woman is walking with her two dogs along the roadway.

   CHP is en route to the area.

White House now alows photos inside... if you run into these two residents, you can click away.

Shooter at DC Naval Yard....

   July 2, 2015 at 5:45 AM: The Washington D.C. Naval Yard is on total lockdown this morning due to an active shooting reported about an hour ago.

   No information is yet available on who, if anyone, has been shot.  This is where 12 people were shot just a couple of years ago.

Last night's sunset in Copperopolis

Photo by B