Friday, July 17, 2015

Now we know you care about "Lord Disick"!

     "Lord" Scott Disick got dumped by his longtime girlfriend and mother of his three children, Kourtney Kardashian last week for apparently cheating on her.

   He has now bought a new home in Beverly Hills and apparently the "party is on"! Come on, now. We know you care!

Fire on Hwy 49

   Called the Adventure Fire in El Dorado County, it reached 100 acres and had Hwy 49 closed for hours into last night.

   In Coloma, north of Placerville, it is now 95% contained.

Magnifying glass starts yard sale fire

   July 17, 2015 at 4 PM:  Firefighters have just been released from a report of a fire in the yard of someone having a yard sale on Main Street in Paloma.  Aircraft was called in, but was not needed.

   Apparently a magnifying glass was among the items for sale and started the fire.  The fire is out and did not spread into the nearby wildlands. Lisa at Cal Fire helped us locate this one. Thanks, Lisa!

The sign says Free Samples

   The Colorado Cherry Company near Estes Park, Colorado, came in to a real mess this morning.

  Apparently a black bear had seen the sign "Free Samples"

Kangaroo in the snow?

Yes, it's winter in Australia, but this photo of a kangaroo
in a vineyard in the snow is not that common.

Furniture on Hwy 49

    July 17, 2015 at 3:25 PM:  A dresser and other furniture has been dropped on Hwy 49 at Studhorse Flat Road  near the New Melones Lake Visitors Center.

   Use extra caution if in that area.

Fire reported in Ione

   July 17, 2015 at 3:20 PM:  A fire has been reported on Hwy 88 and Martin Avenue in Ione.

   Cal Fire is en route to the scene. Use extra caution if in that area.

Fire in Copperoppolis

   July 17, 2015 at 3:15 PM:  Fire crews are en route to a fire in the front yard of a resident on Main Street near Spring Street in Copperopolis.

   It isn't clear what caused the fire at this point.

Traffic collision in Rancho Calaveras

   July 17, 2015 at 3:05 PM:  Two cars reportedly collided on Bergsma Lane in Rancho Calaveras. One is way off the roadway and will need a tow with 200' of cable.

   No injuries were indicated in the crash. Use caution as they try to tow the vehicles involved.

Traffic collision in Hilmar

   July 17, 2015 at 3 PM:  A traffic collision has been reported at Hwy 165 and Bloss in Hilmar.

   Two vehicles were involved. No injuries were indicated. A tow truck has been dispatched to the scene. Be cautious if in that area as the roadway is blocked.

Traffic collision at Big Trees

   UPDATE at 3:25 PM:  Injuries in this collision are minor, per CHP.

Fire in Murphys

   July 17, 2015 at 2:30 PM:  Coming through Murphys around 2:15 PM smoke was pouring out onto Hwy 4 just across from the Murphys Fire Department.

   As we got closer it seemed to be in the weeds and tan bark in front of a little spa on Hwy 4.

   At least they are close to the Fire Department.

Big Rig Dumps liquid on Hwy 99

   July 17, 2015 at 1:20 PM:  A white big rig has reportedly dumped liquid at southbound Hwy 99 and the Hwy 120 entrance in Manteca.

   CHP is en route. Use caution if headed in that direction. It is indicated it was some type of collision.

Traffic Collision in Modesto

   July 17, 2015 at 1:15 PM:  A traffic collision has been reported between a Ford Mustang and a black 350Z at Pelandale and Sisk in Modesto.

   An ambulance is en route due to injuries. Use extra caution in that area.

Flower Delivery Van hits silver Chevy

   July 17, 2015 at 12:20 PM:  A flower delivery van collided with a silver Chevy in front of the cemetery at Hwy 59 and Hoffman Avenue in Merced.

   Fortunately no injuries were reported. Use extra caution if in that area.

Cutest call on the scanner--leg caught, with goats!

   We aren't going to report where this is, but a call just came over the scanner for someone with their leg caught in a staircase.  Then the muffled laugh.


Look at those hungry brown bears!

The First time Patrick Strohmeyer threatened my life!! OP-ED!!

   When I could no longer handle the craziness that was Patrick Strohmeyer's worsening behavior; trespassing, yelling and screaming, running across the highway, back and forth, I called Mr. Strohmeyers brother George.

  Patrick Strohmeyer had been fired from CHP

Car Fire in Lathrop

   July 17, 2015 at 11:10 AM: A vehicle fire has been reported on Hwy 99 at Lathrop Road in Lathrop.

   When the fire department arrived it was fully engulfed in flames. There was one occupant, who was able to get out of the car without injuries.

Friends of the Fair August meeting cancelled

   The next regular meeting of the Friends of the Fair will be on September 16, 2015 at Camps Restaurant in Greenhorn Creek at 6 PM.

   The August 2015 meeting has been cancelled.

NASDAQ breaks record

   At the NASDAQ broke another record yesterday, Netflix, Google and other tech stocks helped out.

     As Jim Cramer of CNBC said "Netflix takes my breath away."

Big truck kills two deer at Red Apple

   July 17, 2015:  Early this morning, a big rig truck not only killed one deer, but killed two at the Red Apple on Hwy 4.

   This is where they cross to get the apples; there was not one sign of those large trucks, which carry wood shavings at odd hours, of slowing down.  They speed through the Hwy 4 corridor at way over the speed limits at those odd times.

Pickup runs off Hwy 88

   July 17, 2015 at 8:50 AM:  A blue pickup has run off Hwy 88 at Inspiration Drive in Pioneer.

   No injuries were reported. A tow truck is en route to the scene. This must be Friday!!!

Collision in Stevinson

   July 17, 2015 at 8:30 AM:  A traffic collision has been reported at Hwy 165 and Hwy 140 in Stevinson involving a pickup pulling a 5th wheel and a black Honda Accord.

   Hwy 140 is partially blocked. An ambulance and tow truck are en route to the scene. Use extra caution if headed that way.

Traffic Collision on Hwy 88

   July 17, 2015 at 6:50 AM:  A traffic collision has been reported on Hwy 88 at Boggiano Road in the Waterloo area.

   The vehicle has front end damage, but no injuries have been indicated.

Vehicle spin out on Hwy 99

   July 17, 2015 at 6:30 AM:  A solo vehicle reportedly spun out and hit the center divide at Hwy 99 and Standiford Ave. in Modesto.  Injuries are minor in this crash.

   An ambulance and a tow truck are en route to the scene. Use extra caution in that area.

Sadly, famed toy store closes

   The famous 43,000 square foot toy store FAO Schwartz, in New York City, has closed its doors due to skyrocketing real estate prices.

   Seen in movies, such as Tom Hanks "Big" and others, the shelves were nearly empty on its last days in business. They are owned by "Toys R Us".

Ed Dorado County man arrested for Peeping

   As many of you know, it is very difficult to get the Calaveras Sheriff or his closest friend the DA to arrest the real criminals in the area. A man in El Dorado County was arrested yesterday for peeping. We consider this to be a violent crime.

   If you report suspected Peeping Toms for years, you may be ignored here. Even though they may have been charged with Trespassing, law enforcement appears to protect the worst of the worst.  We understand how you feel, trying to protect your family from the scum of the scum.