Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Butte Fire Update

   As of 5 PM on September 16, 2015 the Butte Fire has burned 71.780 acres and is 45% contained.

   The total number of homes burned is now reported to be 233 in addition to 175 outbuildings and 15 other structures.

Certain Senders Market employees allowed in fire area?

     Certain employees of Senders Hardware and Market are reportedly allowed into the fire area, according to CHP.  A list of them is available.

   The Butte communications line says that no fire personnel are allowed in without proper ID on them. Vehicles must also be clearly identified.

Firefighters lose their homes too!

   Mostly due to the explosive Valley Fire in Lake County, altogether eight CalFire firefighters have lost their homes due to this years massive fires.

   Most were battling other fires while their own home burned to the ground.  A firefighters association is getting a collection going for them and their families.

Saramento County passes BBQ permit requirement

   Due to the continual problem with fires often caused by people cooking along the American River Parkway the Board of Supervisors has passed a new law that you cannot BBQ or cook or start any fire in any regional campgrounds without a permit.

   It is hoped this will stem the number of fires the personnel is always having to put out in that long stretch of parkway.

Two die in Butte Fire in Calaveras County

   So far, it looks like two of our residents have died in the horrendous blazes of the Butte Fire.

Animal Services is in the Butte Fire area

   Today the Calaveras Animal Services truck headed out to the Butte Fire area, driving throughout the fire area, searching for lost or injured pets and wildlife.

    Hopefully they are successful in discovering some of the pets that had to be abandon during the mandatory evacuations.  Be sure and call 754-6509 if you are missing a pet.

Railroad Flat Road stays closed

   Railroad Flat Road toward Mountain Ranch will have to stay closed for now due to damage.

   Rocky Road out of Calaveritas has no place to turn around. These are some of the problems they are  having in trying to reopen the roads in Calaveras County after the Butte Fire.

How to call Office of Emergency Services in Calaveras County

   The Office of Emergency Services is a California state agency, which is responsible for overseeing and coordinating emergency preparedness and response for and recovery after emergencies. 

   Each county in the state has a local office

More looting suspected in Mountain Ranch

   As has happened regularly since the Calaveras Sheriff (Office of Emergency Services) forced a mandatory evacuation in the Butte Fire, with no plan to protect the properties from looting, another suspect was reported this morning.

   This time is was on Wendell in Mountain Ranch where the suspicious behavior was reported. We aren't sure which law enforcement agency, if any, is even investigating these reports.  There are tracks on Wendell, per a witness.

Hwy 26 re-opens at Mokelumne Hill

   September 16, 2015 at 10:55 AM:  CHP has been told they can re-open Hwy 26 at Mokelumne Hill to Hwy 88.

    It has been closed for nearly a week, due to the Butte Fire.

Overturned vehicle-pinned in on Hwy 49

   September 16, 2015 at 10:45 AM:  A blue KIA Sorrento has rolled off Hwy 49 at Hwy 108 and into a ditch in Jamestown. The driver is pinned in.

   A tow truck and ambulance have been dispatched to the scene. Use extra caution if in the area.

Suspect in Moke HIll selling fire equipment?

   September 16, 2015 at 10:35 AM:  An LA Fire crew reported to CHP that a suspect on Sandy Gulch appears to be selling fire equipment.

   It was reported that he was wearing a sidearm near Hwy 26 at a residence.  It is very smoky in the area.

Green vehicle into the oleanders on Hwy 99

   September 16, 2015 at 9:50 AM:  A green TransAm type vehicle is reportedly into the oleander bushes on northbound 99 at the Hatch exit.

   No injuries have been indicated. A tow truck is responding to the scene. Use extra caution if in that area.

Overturned car on Hwy 99

   September 16, 2015 at 9:50 AM:  A car is on its roof on northbound  Hwy 99 near Tuolumne Boulevard in Modesto.

   An ambulance was dispatched since there was a baby in the vehicle.  Use extra caution if in that area.

Jackson Planning Commission meets in Amador County

   The Jackson City Planning Commission in Amador County will meet Monday September 21, 2015 at 6:30 PM at Jackson City Hall.

   On the agenda is a variance for Scott and Cheryl Oneto on Spunn Road to construct a retaining wall in the 5 foot setback.

If you were forced out without your animals....

One mountain lion cub just like
this one, was found with burns
and taken to a rescue center.
   For those of you who were ordered to mandatory evacuate during the Butte Fire and didn't get to take your animals, apparently there are many of you.

   If you are in Calaveras County, call Animal Services

Some crews sent to Valley Fire

   September 16, 2015 at 8:45 AM:  You can tell things are better this morning in the Butte Fire because the skies are mostly blue and its cooler than its been in a long time.

   Another sign of improvement is that some engine companies are being pulled off the Butte Fire and sent to the Valley Fire.

Traffic collision in Angels Camp

The traffic backed up was mostly
fire vehicles due to this crash.
   September 16, 2015 at 8:10 AM:  A traffic collision has been reported at Hwy 49 and Copello Drive in Angels Camp.

   A fire vehicle is on scene, checking on injuries.  Use extra caution if in that area.

Crash at Phoenix Lake--driver runs

   September 16, 2015 at 7 AM:  The driver of a car that crashed on Phoenix Lake Road near the golf course, took off (they call it leg-bailed) across the golf course.

   There are no plates on the vehicle, per caller. A tow truck is being dispatched. Use extra caution if in the area.

House fire in West Point

   UPDATE: Addition resources are being used to prevent fire from spreading any more into the forest. One watertender was ordered to return to base.

Danger in Railroad Flat fire area

   September 16, 2015 at 6:20 AM:  What the Calaveras Office of Emergency Services does NOT say is that a tree fell on Hawver Road overnight, near Doster Road in the Railroad Flat area of the Butte Fire.

Overturned car in Vallecito

   September 16, 2015 at 6:10 AM:  A blue car has overturned on Camp Nine Bypass Road at Parrotts Ferry Road in Vallecito.

    Use extra caution in that area as emergency vehicles arrive at the scene. Fortunately no injuries were reported in this crash.

Calaveras Sheriff's Office--Office of Emergency Services Press Release?

   Sheriff Gary Kuntz (Office of Emergency Services for Calaveras County) has, we believe, finally released information on  a couple of updates on road closures in the Butte Fire. We do hesitate to publish it, because it is very confusing and we don't want to mislead anyone about their homes.