Monday, September 28, 2015

Don't forget! Calaveras Supervisors meet tonight--Prayers for Edsel

Here goes poor Pastor
Edsel again!!
   On Tuesday September 29, 2015 at 5 PM the Calaveras Supervisors will hold a meeting to pray for Cliff Edsel, (Edson) who says he has had a HARD 3 weeks

Illegal intoxicated shooting in Railroad Flat

  A resident on Blossom Lane in Railroad Flat reported that a neighbor was intoxicated and firing a gun.

   The Calaveras Sheriff took no report.

Theft (LOOTING) in West Point continues

  More theft, or looting, was reported on Stanley Road in West Point on September 27, 2015.

   Apparently more than one residence was reporting thefts. The Calaveras Sheriff took a report.

Goat and dog on Doe Road in Railroad Flat

   On September 27, 2015 around 8 AM a goat was reported on Doe Road, followed by a dog.  No one knows who the owner is.

   Animal Services was notified. There are still many animals without regular homes, just like people, in that area.

Big Rig hazard in San Andreas

   September 28, 2015 at 4:20 PM:  A big rig has lost its transmission and is causing a traffic hazard near Hwy 49 and Hwy 12 in San Andreas.

   Use extra caution until a big rig tow can hook up and remove it.

Overturned vehicle in Merced--Major Injuries

   September 28, 2015 at 11:15 AM; One vehicle overturned after a collision at Dickenson Ferry Road and Gurr Road in Merced.

   An air ambulance is responding due to major injuries incurred. A tow truck was dispatched to turn the vehicle right side up and remove it from the roadway. Avoid the area if possible.

House Fire in Blue Lake Springs

  UPDATE at 10:30 AM:  Per Ebbetts Pass Fire, both Cal Fire and EPFD responded to what they found to be a fully engulfed home.

   The fire was

What do Dennis Mills, Marti Crane and George Fry have in Common?

   What have Dennis Mills (running for CCWD), Marti Crane (always running for something) and George Fry (another constantly running for office) got in common, besides running for office a lot?

   Well, it seems that they all three are striving to be "STARS".  We saw Dennis Mills, just like Crane and Fry, go the the Angels Camp City Council meeting (because they film) and announce where people can find videos of him.  OH, BROTHER!! Not another one!!!

Wildlife starving in Calaveras

   One of the many sad and disparaging  problems after the Butte Fire is that so many wild critters (those who survived) are now in strange places, lost and without a source of water, and in many cases, food. And now it's the cruelest of times;

Caltrans roadwork on Hwy 88

   Be cautious on Hwy 88 from the Amador County line through Alpine County as Caltrans will be working on that section this week.

Starving seabirds due to warming ocean

   The Bay Area bird rescue centers are being overwhelmed with seabirds brought into them in starving, weakened conditions this year.

   The Common Murre, for example is one species who suffers from the warming waters of the ocean, making food hard to come by.