Thursday, October 8, 2015

Owner of Placerville DayCare arrested

   63 year old Bridgitte  McAdams was arrested on October 7, 2015 on suspicion of Child Endangerment and Being Under the Influence of a Controlled Substance while caring for children at her Day Car in Placerville.

   She has apparently run Country Home Day Care for around 24 years. She has claimed she is not guilty.

What is CCWD doing to their ratepayers?? Secrets and no film??

Their secret meeting was NOT
about WATER!  It was about
keeping secrets, slamming
public comments, each other!
   Every property owner in Calaveras County pays 1% of their taxes to the Calaveras County Water District. You need to hear the tape of these 5 Directors slamming the public and each other!!!

  So, do we all have a right

Doctors Without Borders wants "War Crimes" investigation

   A personal apology from President Obama has not soothed the feelings of Doctors Without Borders, whose hospital was hit accidentally in Afghanistan earlier this week.

   In fact, it appears they are insisting on an investigation into possible "War Crimes" charge against the US.

Republican Kevin McCarthy drops out of Speaker vote

   Before his comments earlier this week admitting to the committees set up to hurt Hillary Clinton's Presidential bid, Kevin McCarthy, Republican from California was the likely successor to John Boehner's job.

   This morning, prior to an inner-party vote, he abruptly pulled out of contention, leaving Daniel Webster (the frog?) and Chaffetz as the only competitors. Some were concerned that he may be a 'gaff' machine, which would hurt the party more.