Monday, October 12, 2015

Calaveras Supervisors meet to PRAY!!

Edsel's favorite
agenda item!
    Led by Supervisor Edson, the Calaveras Board will meet to pray for horrid sinful women who think they should have rights, in San Andreas tomorrow, October 13, 2015 at 9 AM.

     All kinds of items are on the agenda to try and get money out of the state and the feds to make up for the loss of property taxes and future values due to the Butte Fire.

LAFCo cancels meeting

   The October 19, 2015 meeting of the Local Agency Formation Commission in Calaveras County (LAFCo) has been cancelled.

  At their November 16, 2015 meeting they will be holding a public hearing for approving a Resource Conservation District

Plane hits near home in Lake Tahoe

   Playwright Rod McFadden was just settling into a beautiful rental home near Hwy 50 in Lake Tahoe Saturday night, October 10, 2015, when a small plane that had taken off from the nearby airport, crashed into the trees next to the home.

   The fire spread to the home, but the home was saved.  The two occupants of the plane died in the crash. The NTSB is now investigating the crash.

Car theft arrest in Valley Springs

   According to the Calaveras Sheriff, on October 9, 2015 Kent James Durand, (45) of Valley Springs was arrested for alleged Vehicle Theft

Brown signs "California Racial Mascots Act"! What about Calaveras???

   It's official!  Governor Brown has signed into law the "California Racial Mascots Act", barring racially offensive names used

Calaveras County Fair--New Slogan

   According to the Calaveras County Fair, the new slogan for the May 19-22, 2016 event has been chosen.

   It will be "Boots, Chaps and Cowboy Hats" to celebrate the county's western heritage. No word on if it was a contest or who won this year.


OP-ED! Politicizing Columbus Day

    Although the movement to stop honoring Christopher Columbus with a holiday is gaining support, most of white America would prefer

If you are a racist, a dirty cop or a drunk.......stop reading! OP-ED!

   If you are a racist, love dirty cops, drunks who try to kill our children and grandchildren on the roadways and corrupt elected officials, you really need to stop reading

49ers and Raiders both lose

   The 49ers lost to the Giants last night 30-27 and the Raiders lost to the Broncos 16-10.

   The Niners are nearing their own elimination from contention this year. As for the Raiders, its hard to see who will be able to beat the Broncos this season.

Find an injured bird or squirrel?

   In Calaveras County, if you find an injured bird or squirrel (not to mention other wildlife) no one seemed to know what to do.

   Now we are aware of an organization in Tuolumne County you can call for help. It's called Mother Lode Wildlife Care and their number is 677-7249.  Also, for other animals, they will refer you to the correct care center.

Major injury collision

  October 12, 2015 at 6:45 AM: Two air ambulances were required due to two vehicles rolling over at I-5 and Stuhr Road in Newman late last night.

 Caltrans, CHP and a hazmat clean-up has been working on this major injury collision that occurred at around 10:30 PM last night, where diesel was spilled.

Hwy 12 blocked due to fire

   UPDATE at 6:50 AM:  Hwy 12 is now open and clear.

Columbus Day or NOT?

  We will be publishing an OP-ED by Robert Jensen later today on the controversy surrounding whether or not the US should still honor Christopher Columbus