Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Supervisor Oliveira now adds to Council of Government corruption

       Its hard to believe that we can get three new Supervisors in Calaveras County and that all three; Kearney, Edson and Oliveira can be so corrupt in less than one year, the TEA POTTY three.

This is National BAT week!

   The US Department of the Interior wants to remind us that though this may be Halloween week and while you might tend to think bats are bad, they tell us bats are very important as both pollinators and a pest control.

   They want us to consider putting up a bat house in our back yards. Check it out at the Department of the Interior website.

Load of sand dumped on Hwy 132

   UPDATE:  Three big rig tows have been dispatched to the scene.

Once you are branded "A Dirty Cop"... do you redeem yourself and your reputation; your family's shame?

   You don't! You will live and then die "A Dirty Cop!" Once you file a false report of even one word, beat up a suspect or conduct yourself in a way of "RACIST DIRT" you stay that way forever!

Logging truck loses log on Hwy 4

   October 28, 2015 at 10:45 AM:  It may be a miracle, but a logging truck lost a log that hit a white Subaru Forester on Hwy 4 near Monge Ranch Road in Douglas Flat, and there doesn't appear to be any injuries.

   The car, however, is not driveable. CHP is en route to the scene. Use extra caution if in the area.

Best thing about the RAIN???

   We think the best thing about the rain is that it keeps the racist Nazi's inside.

   They and the evil witches they marry will MELT in the rain.

Happy Birthday, Miss Liberty!

129 years! How well you've aged since 1886!

Illegal Gunfire reported in Calaveras

 October 27, 2015:   Illegal gunfire was reported in Murphys on Hwy 4 at 2:15 AM, in Glencoe on Independence Road at 3:44 AM, and on Winton Road in West Point at 4:29 PM.

   No report was taken of these incidents.

San Andreas man arrested for alleged AMMO

   On October 27, 2015 the Calaveras Sheriff's Office arrested Michael Everett Rutt (41) of San Andreas, at his residence on Marshall Street in San Andreas.

   Rutt was booked into the Calaveras County Jail for allegedly having Illegal Ammunition and Revocation of Command Supervision, both felonies.

Angels Camp Police arrest Sex Offender

   According to the Angels Camp Police, they arrested John Allen Logg (43) (an unknown address) of Mountain Ranch on October 27, 2015 around 2:15 PM on South Main Street in Angels Camp.

   Logg was booked into the Calaveras County Jail for allegedly for two counts of Failing to Register as a Sex Offender and Violation of Parole, both felonies and for an outstanding warrant for allegedly being Under the Influence of a Controlled Substance, a misdemeanor.

Red Porsche spins out

   October 28, 2015 at 9:15 AM:  CHP has now cleared Hwy 49 after a red Porsche spun out and off the roadway near Glory Hole, outside Angels Camp.

   No injuries have been reported. Be careful! The roads are slippery.

Sonora Pass Closed

   October 28, 2015 at 9:35 AM:  Caltrans has just announced that Hwy 108 (Sonora Pass) is now closed at Kennedy Meadows due to the storm.

   There is no time indicated as to when it will be able to reopen.

Letter to the Editor: About Angels Camp

   Dear Sierra Sentinel:

   Sorry this is a little late, but I had to make sure I would be anonymous in talking about the City of Angels Camp.

   Your article about the Angels City Administrator warning

"Just like taking on BIG Tobacco!!" say Police

   The International Association of Chiefs of Police are meeting in Chicago this week, and are taking on the GUN LOBBY.

   They have voted to press for universal background checks. Taking on the GUN LOBBY has been compared to the courage taken to challenge the BIG TOBACCO lobby years ago. 

Poor FOX Sports!

  The most embarrassing thing that can happen to any network is to be taken off the air during an important live event. FOX executives were NOT laughing during the first game of the World Series, and had the game stopped for TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES.

   The Royals beat the Mets after 14 innings last night, after being interrupted by a power outage early in the game.  FOX was overwhelmed and did not handle the disruption well, finally cutting over to an international feed.  It was also the longest World Series game in history.

Who left these tracks?

Can you guess?

Butte Fire area warning by Sheriff

   The Calaveras Sheriff's Office has issued a warning in the Butte Fire area for October 28, 2015 due to the rain.  While rain is welcome, they caution residents and drivers.

   Increased chances of debris flow, mud slides and flooding could cause road closures in the fire area.  Drive carefully and watch for any signs of flooding.