Thursday, December 3, 2015

Story of Butte Fire survivors

Check out Mike Luery's story on This is his photo.
   Did you see the story Mike Luery did last night on KCRA channel 3? He showed how the people who lost everything are still suffering.

   This photo he took of people living in tents tells it all.  We have to credit him for not allowing our elected officials to try and brag about how much they have done for these poor people!

Two truck collision in Modesto

   December 3, 2015 at 12:15 PM:  A large truck and a pickup have collided at Hwy 108 and Auto Center Court in Modesto.

    A tow truck and ambulance are responding to the scene. CHP is on site.

You have a "Neighbor from Hell" if.....# 14

    If your neighbor has an old camper, trailer or other such piece of junk in their back yard and there is even a small window facing your home, watch out

Edwin Allen Williams, native of Angels Camp

   Edwin Allen Williams, 86, died Sunday November 22, 2015 at the Methodist Hospital in Sacramento.

   He leaves behind his wife

Mountain Ranch Shelter open tonight

   The Calaveras Sheriff's Office has advised that a night shelter will be open at the Mountain Ranch Community Hall at 8049 Washington Street today, December 3, 2015 at 6 PM.

   It will also be open on Friday night December 4, 2015 at 6 PM.  They will close at 7 AM each morning.

Douglas Charles Grummett "Limo" of Valley Springs

   On November 28, 2015 Douglas Charles Grummett, also known as "Limo" passed away of natural causes. He was 60.

Religious Extremism on all sides--mass murders the result!

   Last week it was an alleged shooting in Colorado by what most believe was a radical extremist Christian right wing man who talked about "baby parts".

   Yesterday it was possibly

PIstorius guilty of Murder!

   An appeals court has overruled the original court decision of Oscar Pistorius in the killing of his girlfriend.

   He will be returned to prison, and could serve 15 years in prison.