Thursday, January 21, 2016

300 Truckloads of shredded wood coming to Butte Fire

   BLM just announced that Mountain West Helicopters of Alpine, Utah got the contract to dump wood shreds on the Butte Fire.

   35,000 cubic yards will be dumped on around 1400 acres in the Jesus Maria Creek fire area.

As expected: Ducks endorse quacks!

   It's true!  The Ducks of Duck Dynasty have endorsed Donald Trump and Sarah Palin for President.

   No surprises here! Ducks always endorse quacks!!

Angels Camp City Council rejects marijuana ban - Good Decision!!

   After reviewing the January 19, 2016 City Council meeting discussion and vote, we want to credit the four councilmembers who voted AGAINST staff's recommendation to ban marijuana cultivation within the City limits.

Bears in the pool....

A mama a 5 cubs getting a backyard pool!!

Stanislaus National Forest Vista: RIM FIRE of the World - WHEN??

  I just had the need to look at the location of the Stanislaus National Forest Vista: Rim of the World, and now I know why I will not

Caltrans called for Ice on Hwy 88

   After a couple of minor collisions in the Truckee area, CHP requested that Caltrans sand Hwy 88 for ice.

   It isn't raining or snowing, but people don't seem to slow down and when they hit a patch of ice, oops!

Animal hazard on Hwy 4 iin Copperopolis

  UPDATE:  CHP has cleared the hazard without saying what it was.

Featured art at San Andreas gallery

   On January 30, 2016 and through February, the Calaveras Arts Council gallery in San Andreas will showcase the art of Terri Wilson of Murphys.

   A reception will be held beginning at 3 PM at the gallery. This sea turtle is an example of her work.

Phillip J. Langston, Ironworker

   Phillip J. Langston passed away on January 16, 2016 in Lodi.  He was 77 years old.

   Born April 8, 1938 in Ravia,

Butte Fire big rig backs into parked car

   January 21, 2016 at 8:55 AM:  CHP received a report that a Butte Fire clean-up big rig has backed into a parked car at Hawver Road and Jesus Maria Road in Mokelumne Hill.

   The crew of the big rig has now been called into the SDS office. Uh-oh!! No one was hurt in the collision, but safety is supposed to be their number 1 cause.

Starving baby seal found in Hayward

Photo by Hayward Police
   How it got there no one seems to know for sure, but the Sausalito Marine Mammal Center pickup up this baby seal from a business area in Hayward and hope to save it and return it to the wild.

   At first no one knew what it was, but Hayward Police were called and when they identified it as a baby seal, they notified the rescue center right away.

John Michael Stark, Calaveras Sheriff's deputy

   John Michael Stark passed away Sunday, January 17, 2016 at St. Joseph's Hospital in Stockton, from complications of emphysema. His family was at his bedside.

   John was born

Sarah Palin: President Obama's fault son arrested

       Sarah Palin addressed the arrest of her son during a speech for Trump yesterday by blaming President Obama for his violence since returning home.  He also was apparently in possession of a gun while intoxicated.

   She says her son came home from the military a changed person, and that he would have been okay if President Obama had allowed them to go "....kick ISIS's ASS!"  We can find no MUG SHOT!

Supervisor (Freaky Pastor) Edson agrees with racist Graham sermon?

   We do not believe that Supervisor (Freaky Pastor) Edson realized the Sierra Sentinel was in the chain of emails that sent him a copy of the racist sermon of Franklin Graham; the one that complained the legacy of white Christian males

Governor of Michigan apology enough??

   During his State of the State address Governor Snyder of Michigan fervently apologized to the residents of Flint for the poisoning of their water.

   Will it be enough to keep him in office. Not likely. He also blamed the Federal Government, since apparently the EPA knew.

It was the Cookie Monster's fault!

Sonora Police photo
   It turned out that a cookie caused the collision at the Inns of California Hotel on Washington Street in Sonora on January 20, 2016.

   Apparently, according to Sonora Police, Steven Cook (39) of Jamesstown, choked on a cookie and smashed into the support beam at the hotel. No one was hurt.